Ruston Christian Homeschoolers Ruston Christian Homeschoolers

What is RCH?


RCH stands for Ruston Christian Homeschoolers. 


RCH Purpose

  1. To provide information and resources about homeschooling to the community. We are here to answer questions for those who may be considering homeschooling.
  2. To support and encourage our members as they homeschool their children. We offer lots of opportunities for our families to be involved, but all of our events and activities are optional.



Membership in RCH is open to any homeschooling family who agrees with our Statement of Faith, Family, and Education found here. (Please note that registration for RCH requires prospective members to sign saying that they have read and agree to the statements found below.)


Some benefits of RCH membership include:

  • Fellowship and support of other homeschooling families
  • Annual events such as: Back to School Kickoff, Fall Family Night, Homecoming, Christmas Party, Winter Formal, Student Recognition Night, Talent Show, musical and drama performances, etc.
  • On-going student development such as: speech and debate club, cross-country team, etc.
  • Field trips, which often involve group discounts
  • Regular mom's nights, play dates, and other fun get togethers
  • SEEKERS Co-op, a weekly meeting of homeschool families to have classes together
  • Group administration of standardized achievement tests
  • Graduation ceremony for high school seniors
  • Access to RCH website for activity calendar, event sign-ups, member classifieds, helpful information and links
  • Membership discount for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)



How Do I Join RCH?

You can join RCH most any time throughout the school year, but registration for each new school year begins in late summer/early fall. You must be a member to participate in RCH activities. Any family who can sign the Statement of Faith, Family, and Education is welcome to join. You do not have to live in Ruston to take part. RCH dues are typically $60 per family for the school year, though that is re-evaluated each year as expenses fluctuate with the economy.