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Code of Conduct

LEAP Class Day Code of Conduct


  • Students must come to class prepared, bringing all completed assignments, and supplies required (i.e. notebooks, paper, pens, calculators, lab supplies, etc.). 
  • All students that are not in class must remain in the student lounge unless a parent has given them permission to be off campus. The student lounge is a place for quiet socializing during non-class hours. Music or game consoles may be used with ear buds.
  • Students must obey adult instruction from their teachers and the adults in charge of the student lounge during LEAP class day hours.
  • Students will abide by their parents' wishes for them regarding whether or not they may leave the church facilities. This option is for students ages 13 and above. LEAP Admin is not responsible for students who leave campus. Students leaving campus MUST be in groups of three (3) or more. See our safety and security precautions for more information.
  • No cell phone use during classroom hours unless the teacher has given permission to look up information. If a family member call is necessary, ask permission of the teacher to take or make the call and step into the hallway, otherwise, no accepting texts or calls during class time. Students may call home if needed, with permission from the instructor or adult in charge. Cell phones may be used for texting only in student lounge area and not in the classroom.
  • Students will not be provided with Internet access. Students may use their cell phone personal data plan during student lounge times or with an instructor's permission during class hours. 
  • Students may bring laptops and tablets to LEAP Class Day. Such devices may be used during class time only with the instructor's permission. Such devices may be used freely during study hall or student lounge hours. Students who use such devices or cell phones to stream music must use earbuds and not broadcast music. Internet access codes WILL NOT be provided to students.
  • Every student attending LEAP Class Day may be asked to assist with the morning set-up or end-of-day clean up upon request of the instructor and/or adults in charge. The set-up or tear-down of tables and chairs may be required. 
  • Every student is responsible for depositing his or her own trash in the large central trash barrel in the student lounge. At the end of the class day students may be asked by instructors or the adults in charge to assist in policing the class rooms and restrooms and seeing that centralized trash bags are taken outside.
  • Vaping, smoking, and consumption of alcohol should NEVER be done during school hours. LEAP meets in a house of worship and the building, commons, and parking areas all belong to church. How we behave on the property isn't just a reflection of our own Christian testimony, but also reflects on the reputation of the church as well.


Positive speech: Speaking positive and not negative words is encouraging. Student conversations in the student lounge may be monitored by the adults in charge, If any adult believes that inappropriate words or conversations are taking place they may address or correct the students involved, whether in the student lounge or classroom. Because we encourage positive behavior and attitudes at LEAP, there will be no name-calling, cursing, swearing, off-color jokes, innuendo, discussion about illegal substances or any other inappropriate talk.


Positive behavior: In order to not be a distraction to other people, there will be no loud talking, horseplay (or rough-housing), or running. Everyone must keep their hands to themselves. No hitting, pushing, shoving, tripping, or other rough behavior. There will be no throwing of ANY objects at LEAP Class Day Academy classes or the student lounge. During LEAP classes and in the student lounge there will be no personal displays of affection between students that are dating.


Positive peer relationships: All students should act with kindness and consideration of other students. Students will treat one another with respect and consideration. If two students are in a relationship outside of class day, they will refrain from any and all PDA (public display of affection) during class day hours.


Positive student/adult relationships: All students will act with respect for every adult at the class day and show consideration for the adults participating in class day. Speak with kindness and respect to both instructors and the volunteer adult monitors.


Positive academic effort: All students must maintain a passing semester grade of 70 in all classes in order to continue new semesters at LEAP Class Day Academy. Students who do not maintain passing grades will be put on probation to bring up their grades. To maintain a passing grade, students MUST complete their assignments and turn these in at the next class; parents may find it necessary to monitor their student's assignments to ensure class requirements are being met. If after the probation period, the grades have not been raised to 70 or above, the student may be required to drop the class. Teachers have the final say on whether a student can remain in the class. A student who skips classes and doesn't complete assignments or ask for help will find it more difficult to maintain the passing grade. Not only do we believe in educating our students, we want them to develop life skills that help them in the future. Payment for the class dropped because of grades must still be made for the remainder of the year (see our tuition policy for more information).