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LEAP Dress Code

LEAP Class Day Dress Code


Students and adults attending LEAP Class Day must dress respectfully, wearing clothing that is considered modest. We ask that all teens understand that what is deemed as fashionable is not always suitable for an educational setting. That said, more details of such dress include the following.


For girls:

  • Sleeves must be at least three fingers wide at the top of the shoulder. Midriffs should be fully and completely covered.
  • For girls, no cleavage showing at all. Adult females are asked to be considerate in this regard as well.
  • The bottom of dresses and skirts must be at least as long as mid-thigh. Leggings under any dresses or skirts that appear to be short are encouraged.
  • Shorts must meet the length of your longest fingertip or longer when arms are hanging by your side.
  • Leggings may be worn as pants only with additional clothing such as a dress, skirt, or shorts.


For boys and girls:

  • No tank tops can be worn as the primary top (must be covered with an additional shirt or jacket).
  • Shirts and tanks may not be so thin as to resemble pajamas or underwear.
  • No underwear may show. Sleeves must stay put and cover underwear and underwear straps. Pants must stay up to cover boxers and/or underwear.
  • No clothing may be worn that sports language or messages that are generally considered inappropriate, shocking or offensive or promote illegal activities or events.
  • Shoes must be worn during class and while in class day facilities.


All adults at LEAP class day facilities may address a student for the purposes of judging and enforcing the dress code.


Any student who arrives in clothing that violates the dress code will be loaned for the day an extra large t-shirt or sweat pants to cover the clothing or be asked to return home to change.