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LEAP Safety and Security Precautions

LEAP Safety and Security Precautions


It is the parents' responsibility to conduct regular discussions on safe practices with their children. Students should be taught to be aware of their surroundings when entering or exiting a vehicle at the start and end of their class day. It is preferred that parents pull alongside the church when dropping off or picking up children, and not encourage their children to cross the busy street.


LEAP administrators will maintain a contact list of the persons allowed to pick up your child from class day. If you or an approved driver is picking up your child between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., you must enter the church building and meet your child in the fellowship hall. Unless you are known or recognized by one of the adult monitors or teachers, you must show ID in order to remove the student from the premises. If you have an emergency in which someone not on the approved list is going to pick up your child, or if your child will be leaving with another family, please contact one of the LEAP administrators by phone or text to make them aware the situation. The person you designate in this emergency situation will be asked to provide ID to a LEAP administrator or teacher.


Adult monitors may be present in the parking lot at the end of class day. They may monitor the children to make sure they are leaving with the appropriate family member or designated driver and you may be asked to provide ID until they are familiar with you and your family.


You must discuss with your child whether he or she is allowed to leave the class day premises for lunch with other students. There is a Whataburger within walking distance of the church facilities. Students will be allowed 45 minutes for lunch. Student Council will have snacks and drinks for sale to earn funds for their service projects. It is recommended that students 14 and under not leave the premises during the class day hours. Students that have permission from their parents to leave the premises must do so in groups of three.


Children may play, sit, or eat outside in pleasant weather but must remain within the fenced yard. Students who choose to lounge in the unfenced yard may only do so in groups of three.


Adult monitors, visiting parents, and church members who drop by the class day program will be provided noticeable badges. A child who encounters an adult without a monitor's badge or teacher ID should return to the student fellowship hall and notify one of the LEAP administrators or monitors. Parents should address with their children the safety concerns of speaking with strangers. LEAP administrators and teachers and adult monitors will be provided with LEAP ID badges on lanyards and students should feel free to contact any of these adults with safety or security concerns.


LEAP administrators are in the process of developing a fire drill/bad weather/shelter-in-place procedure which will be distributed to all LEAP teachers and made available to the weekly adult monitors.