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Additional Guidelines

Additional LEAP Guidelines


Parent Monitors and Student Lounge Duty

Parent volunteers are needed to help LEAP administrators and teachers monitor the student lounge and church entry hall. This helps us monitor activities, respect the church property, and ensure the security of our students. To provide enough adult supervision in our host church facility, we ask that each family volunteer 4 duty slots (2 hours 15 minutes each) per semester to monitor the student lounge and church entrance. These service hours consist of 4 semester slots or 8 slots over the course of the school year. [As the LEAP roster grows, the service days requirements may be reduced.] Two parents are necessary for the afternoon slots. This requirement is subject to change as LEAP grows. If you would like to volunteer for extra paid duty slots for those families that opt out, please contact leapclassdayacademy@gmail.com.

Sign up here:  Parent Volunteer Lounge duty


Parents may opt-out of student lounge duty by paying $60 per semester (or $120 for the school year). This fee will be paid to a parent substitute to serve in your place. Parents must sign up for 4 fall student lounge duty slots or pay the fall opt-out fee before classes begin in September. You are welcome to choose your 8 slots for the school year. As the second semester approaches, parents will be reminded to complete their 8 duty slots or pay their opt-out fees. Please contact LEAP admin with extenuating circumstances or qeustions regarding the policy.


A fine of $30 will be incurred if parents have not signed up for student lounge duty or paid the opt-out fee by the start of the fall semester. This obligation, and fine if levied, must be fulfilled before your student can attend class.


If you cannot attend on your scheduled day/time, you must make arrangements for another parent to take your place. If you or your replacement does not show up for monitor duty, a $25 fee will be charged.


The student lounge monitors may bring their children with them for the duty slot, and also may bring snacks, games, etc. for their family. Parents must be responsible for those children who are not in classes. This is the only time that non-enrolled children can stay at LEAP; we do not have the facilities, resources, or volunteers to monitor children who are not enrolled in classes.


Parent monitors will be provided a LEAP ID, lanyard, and booklet of policies while on duty. Please wear the ID badge so that is visible and identifies you as a parent monitor.


Student Pick Up

The last LEAP class is finished at 3:10pm (or at the end of the last scheduled class). Please arrange to pick up your student on time. If an emergency prevents you from arriving on time, please text or call one of the LEAP administrators on the emergency contact list. The church will be cleaned up and locked by 3:20pm (or by 15 minutes after the end of the last class).


Lunch, Snacks, Food

Please make sure your student is provided with the lunch, snacks, and medicine he or she may need for the day. The LEAP student council will have some snacks for sale. There are no fast food restaurants within walking distance for lunchtime activities. There will be a kitchen, limited refrigeration, and microwave available in the student lounge.


Class Management and Grading System

Instructors will be using the Class Management System located within this website. Parents, Students and teachers all have access. Parents will login with their login set up at registration. Parents will need to set up a login for each student within the Profile settings of the website so that each child has access to their class assignments, grades and messages from the teacher. It is required for all parents and students to be checking assignments and messages weekly so students can keep up with all assigned work. If you need help with your logins and/or setting up access, please email: leapclassdayacademy@gmail.com