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LEAP Class Day Tuition Policy

LEAP Class Day Tuition Policy

LEAP Tuition Policy   2020-2021


Registration: LEAP Class Day charges a family registration fee each school year that is used to defray the costs of insurance and other LEAP administrative expenses. This fee may be paid by check made out to LEAP, cash, or Paypal (which will include the fees charged by PayPal). Your admission to the LEAP Class Day Program is not complete until the family fee is paid. The family registration fee is nonrefundable.


Initial payment: The initial payment is the first of ten tuition installments for each registered class. It confirms that your child is registered in the class and is due at registration. The initial payment is nonrefundable unless a course is cancelled by the instructor.


Tuition: The teachers and tutors who offer classes at LEAP Class Day Academy fix the rate of the class for a school year (two semesters) or ½ school year (one semester). For the school year, the full amount of the class for the year or semester is the responsibility of the family. LEAP offers the option for this reate to be divided into ten payments which includes the initial installment to reserve your child's seat in the class and 9 monthly installments thereafter (total amount in 10 total payments). Semester long classes consist of the initial installment to reserve the seat in the class and four monthly installments. Families who wish to pay the full year or half-year registration are free to do so. Confirm with the LEAP administration that this has been noted in the records.

Because the total tuition is divided into monthly installments instead of calculated by the week, tuition is due even if the month is a short month because of holidays. Checks or cash are accepted; checks must be made out to the teacher, not LEAP Class Day. If you pay by cash, envelopes are available for disbursing cash to the teachers. You will receive a receipt for each cash payment made. Some teachers accept PayPal; if your teacher accepts PayPal for a monthly payment, it is your responsibility to let LEAP administration know the payment has been made. You are responsible for service fees charged by PayPal.

Once registered, and past the add/drop date, a student is responsible for paying the full tuition of the class (please contact LEAP admin if a move or drop is necessary). Prior to the add/drop period, a student can drop a class without further responsibility for the tuition. Use the LEAP add/drop form to file class changes before the add/drop period expires. There will be a five dollar fee for each change. The drop date for 2020 is September 24th.


Due Dates: The initial installment (if not paying in full) is due at the time of registration. Registration is not confirmed until the initial installment is made for each requested class. Monthly Payments are due on the first Thursday class day of each month. Please pay by 2 p.m. to insure the payment is recorded and available to the teacher before the end of the day.


Early Payment: Tuition can be paid ahead of the scheduled payment date or for the full semester or school year. Some teachers offer a tuition discount for payment in full - see class descriptions for each class notes.


Late Fees: All monthly tuition payments must be made by 2 p.m. on Tuition Day (the first Thursday class day of the month). Payments not made on that day will incur a $5 late fee for each class day the tuition is not paid (per class, per student, per week late). This late fee is added to the monthly payment made to the teacher. Tuition payments must be up-to-date for the student to continue attending class.