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Jennifer Strickland Bio

My background in science consists mostly of my own research and interest. Since 1998, I’ve run a contract consulting business in the aircraft design industry, which involves mechanical, structural, aerospace, electrical and fluid engineering systems. I design most of these systems, organize large projects, hire out to other contract designers and engineers and work closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

My teaching and leadership experience in the homeschool world is as follows:

· Homeschooled my two since 2004

· Homeschool co-op teacher positions since 2004

· AHG Troop Coordinator for four years

· Managed the Live Oak Dolphins Swim Team during the summer of 2012

· Taught high school, middle school and elementary level sciences since 2005

· Star Academy Class Day science teacher for General and Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human A&P, Engineering 101, Astronomy from its beginning in 2012 until 2017

· Leap Class Day Academy since its beginning in 2015

It’s amazing to learn about God’s design, His attention to detail, His Love and His creativity that is evident from the tiniest atom to the eternal universe. This fire is the light I seek out in every child – the desire to learn more about creation through science. I look forward to holding your child’s hand to guide them through the fascinating world of science!