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Sandra Medlock Bio

Concerned about the need for quality education and Judeo-Christian values in the higher levels of homeschool education, I began developing and praying about a class day program for northeast San Antonio. As I began talking about my ideas for LEAP with friends, I found that many were as excited about this idea as I was. I feel strongly that homeschool students need some class room experience with teachers other than their own parents to prepare them for the responsibilities and expectations of college. At the same time I believe that students should encounter, from their new teachers, the acceptance of different personalities and love of education. I was so very excited when teachers and parents started approaching me and expressing these same sentiments.

With LEAP Class Day Academy I am able to use my business experience in running my own music and tutoring business for students. In the past I developed a computer education training company for an entrepreneur, and managed two local corporate training centers. I liked training adults but I love working with children. I think I was born to be a teacher ... many in my family have been teachers, and my great-grandmother was one of the first female graduates of a Normal School (teacher school) in Ohio in the 1800's.

I live outside San Antonio TX, and am the mom to a graduated homeschooler ('14), and wife to a video producer/production manager for an educational company. I have a degree in music education with a minor in English. Shortly after college, I went to work for the corporate world in the field of business communication. I am a freelance journalist who has been a columnist for three regional papers, and written for regional magazines. I've been responsible for several corporate newsletters as well as software and training documentation, with a little bit of web design and mastering thrown in for good measure. I am pleased to say many of my writing students have won writing contests and awards and improved their essay scores for standardized test.

Keeping my hand in music, I've directed local church choirs, performed on worship teams, and mentored youth praise bands. I've also taught a variety of classes for other homeschool entities.