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LEAP Registration Instructions

LEAP Class Day Academy

Registration Instructions


Regular Family Registration beginning June 1, 2020 is $65

**Family Registration fee is discounted to $50 through May 31, 2020**





  1. Go to: www.leapclassday.com   Click on Family Registration or go directly to this link: https://www.homeschool-life.com/2372/signup

  2. Complete the registration form, agree to the policy codes, fill out the separate registration forms and pay the family registration fee (in person or via Paypal) to become a member of the LEAP Class Day Program.

  3. Add each student’s information in as you fill in all the required information on the Family Registration. Under the first Child name info, click ADD ANOTHER to add your additional children who will be taking classes at LEAP.

  4. Write down and save the username and password you will create. You will need this to log on after being approved to register for classes, post messages, check the calendar, etc.

  5. After you fill out all the requested information on the Family Registration page and submit it, the Directors will be notified and will approve your access to the Family side of the Site. Once you have been approved, you will proceed to the Class Registration Page to register your students for classes.

  6. Please complete the forms at each link below. Each must be completed and received along with payment before your website access will be approved to register for classes.

    Dress Code Policy - https://www.homeschool-life.com/2372/iform/60534

    Liability Release - https://www.homeschool-life.com/2372/iform/60535

    Student Code of Conduct - https://www.homeschool-life.com/2372/iform/60532

    Tuition Policies - https://www.homeschool-life.com/2372/iform/60536

    Medical Release - https://www.homeschool-life.com/2372/iform/60524

  7. Family Registration Payment:

    1. Send Family registration payment of $50 through May 31st, then $65 beginning June 1st . via PayPal to: leappaymentportal@gmail.com

    2. Payment can also be mailed to:
LEAP Class Day Academy
P. O. Box 2324
Universal City TX 78148
    1. Send an EMAIL to make other payment arrangements to: leapclassdayacademy@gmail.com

  1. Next - once your membership is approved - Please follow all the instructions below regarding student Class Registration and payment so you can secure your student's spots in classes for the 2020-2021 school year at LEAP Class Day Academy!

  2. If you need help with this registration process, please contact Wendy at: wencla2007@gmail.com



Student Registration is required to reserve seats in each class.

Your family registration entitles you to select classes for your student. However, his or her seat in a class is not confirmed until you select classes for your student on the Class Registration Page and PAY the initial (nonfundable) payment for each class. Access to register will be available after your membership is approved. To avoid cancellation of classes due to minimal enrollment, be sure to do your class registration and turn in payment as soon as you are approved for access.


Class Registration Instructions:


  1. Sign in at: www.leapclassday.com and go to the Class Registration page.  
  2. There is a link at the top of the class listing that you can click on to view the summary for your registration.
  3. To view the details for each class, click on the class. It will open the full details of the class description and cost, etc. for the class.
  4. Please make note that the class fee that generates when each class added is full year fee for registration which includes the yearly tuition plus any supply or resource fees set up to be collected at the time of registration. The Class Description shows the full price of each class for the school year and the breakdown of cost per month and any discounts that may be offered by the teachers.

  5. As you look at the class description, to the right side of each class listing, your children’s names will be displayed.

  6. To register your child for a class, just click the box next to their name for that class. Then click Register just above their name on the class. The student will be added to the class.
  7. You can check to make sure the class had been added at any time by clicking on VIEW CLASS REGISTRATION SUMMARY on the top right just above the class grid.
  8. On the Class Registration Summary page, you will see the list of classes and the initial registration fees for the classes chosen. There are also payment instructions listed to make payment for these classes.
  9. Go back to the registration grid and continue to register all students in classes.
  10. Make sure to choose the Admin Fee - Family Registration for ONE of your students (you don't need click more than one student's name as only one fee is required per family)
  11. Once you have chosen classes for each student, check the Class Registration Summary to make sure the classes are chosen correctly. You can print the summary page for reference when sending in payment via Checks or to reference for making PayPal payments to the teachers that accept that. PLEASE read the instructions carefully and contact us if you have questions regarding payments.

See payment instructions on the Payments Page (will be visible when logged into the site) on how to complete those payments. Details are also listed on the Summary page of the Class Registration process. 

Meet the Teacher and Registration Nights coming soon! See LEAP calendar for all Meet the Teacher/Registration Nights that are scheduled!

Online Class registration will begin soon - so get your Family Registration done before that date!

If you have additional questions, please contact us at:



We are excited to have your students join us for the LEAP 2020-2021 school year!