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Gabriele Thompson

Born and raised in the German town of Karlsruhe, where all my education took place, the passion for dance and music lead me to persue a 2 year degree for dancing, following a 3 year College education in Physical Education with an emphasis on dance. In 1981 I married my wonderfull husband, an American soldier, and together we raised 2 children and are enjoying 3 grandchildren. As a native German I am no stranger to learning another language myself. In High School I took English and French, currently I am working on learning basic Spanish. I have been involved in teaching Host Nation classes at the US Army schools my children attended in Germany. Since the 1980s I have taught children, teens and adults in various forms of dance, music and theater classes. I owned and ran a dance academy for over 25 years, where I got to choreograph recitals and shows, teach future dance teachers and students and prepare individuals and teams for championships, until moving to the USA in 2014. In my spare time I like to learn new skills, travel, sing, craft, do gardening and be silly, preferably with my family and friends. I play and teach the accordion and share my music and dance with senior citizens and special needs persons. I am looking forward to my first year of teaching at LEAP, meeting students and parents and bringing  the German language and culture a bit closer to you.