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LEAP Class Commitment Form - 2020-2021

* indicates a required answer.

LEAP Class Commitment Form


Commitment forms are due no later than March 1st . If you have suggestions, or questions about teaching classes you may contact us anytime before that date.


or leapclassdayacademy@gmail.com 

1. *


2. *

Teacher Name:

3. *

Class Title: 

4. *

Class Description:

**Please include information about what resources you are using for teaching, discussion or will be requiring the students to read for class.**

***This wording will be put on the website for the class registration...PLEASE word the description in a way to draw interest and describe your class well to potential students.***

5. *

Class Grade Level:

6. *

Yearly Class Fee:

*Please list the total you want for the whole year for the class. Admin will break up into payments based on guidelines for the year.

Ex:  $400 for the year, breaks down into 10 payments of $40 if they don't pay in full at the beginning of the year. The payment options may be updated for this coming school year. 

7. *

One-Time Supply Fee:

**Additional fee that needs to be paid at the registration to cover necessary supplies for the class if not included in the Yearly cost.

8. *

Are you willing to give discounts - such as % of for payment in full up front, discount for siblings in classes or taking multiple classes, etc.

Please describe what discount you offer below:

9. *

Class Size - Minimum and Maximum required for the class:

*Please list both.

10. *

Books and Materials Required:

*List any materials students need to purchase that are not covered in the class cost.

11. *

Special Needs for the Classroom:

—Please note any specifics you may need, like access to electrical outlets, access to TV/VCR, etc. so we can take these into consideration when arranging classes!! We have limited access to TV/VCR/DVD players, but will make an effort to accommodate any requests for your class.

12. *

I understand that this is a full school year commitment. I understand that I am responsible for finding subs for my classes should I need to miss a day of class (planned or unplanned). I understand that I must show up at least 10 minutes before my first class of the day to be prepared for students to arrive to the classroom and for class to begin on time. I agree to follow all additional Teacher Guidelines as provided by the LEAP Director.

Please type the date and your name for your signature below: