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At Home in Nelson is home to the Nelson County Clovers 4-H Club. We consist of families from the Homeschoolers of Nelson facebook group and others who get together regularly. It is an inclusive, non-profit group that encourages developing leadership, communication, service, and practical life skills in youth. We have been getting together monthly for a few years now, learning a few things, playing together, serving the community, taking field trips, entering competitions, and just generally enjoying life together.

This year we are about to embark on something new! In addition to our (student led) monthly 4-H business meetings, we have decided to start project groups called SPIN clubs (SPecial INterest clubs). A SPIN club can be any topic that children are learning together. Students can choose to attend as many or as few SPIN clubs as they want and they can spend time only on club days or they can take their new explorations home and do further independent study.

4-H espouses a philosophy of “learning by doing” (aka experiential learning) and fosters youth development in the following four essential elements: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Through 4-H students have the opportunity to learn responsibility and leadership skills as club officers, collaboration and cooperation as committee members, and the value of compassion as community servants.

We are all at different stages in this homeschooling journey but we all have the mutual goal of quality education for our children. We hope that you will choose to join us!

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