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Thank you for your willingness to engage the youth in our community! We look forward to learning from you.

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Co Teachers are not your responsibility, but you may have a preference. Nelson County Clovers will have volunteers assisting in every class.


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Ages: 4-H typically divides children into 5-8yo, 9-12yo, and 13+ but you don't have to be limited to any of those ranges. Please mark all that apply.

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Homework? (Is there any? How much will be required per week? Weekly reading assignments or special projects/presentations?)

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Supply/Class fee.

This will be the cost of the entire class, so if you are an outside instructor, please include your registration fee in this amount. This fee will be paid directly from parents to instructors and no monies will be exchanged through Nelson County Clovers. Please consider sibling discounts for our larger families.



Tables, outdoor space, access to TV and DVD player, etc.


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