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Who we are...

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Highland Rim Christian Homeschool Co-op (HrCHC). This group was founded in the Spring of 2010 and has grown to around 40 families and 100 people attending each week. We currently meet at First Baptist Church in Tullahoma, TN on Wednesdays.
We have a close family atmosphere at HrCHC. We are an OVERTLY CHRISTIAN organization and each one of our teachers must agree to and sign a Statement of Faith saying that they believe and will agree to teach the Biblical concepts outlined in it. Our teachers are diligent in teaching their classes and bring unique opportunities to the classroom.

Each semester brings new class selections to the table provided by you our parents, that are unique and wonderful opportunities for our students. We strive to provide a balanced class selection each semester for all grades that will enhance your homeschool experience.

We offer classes from Kindergarten to 12th grade, with Nursery and Preschool available for siblings of enrolled students.
For our High School students we offer both electives and core subjects rotating these classes as needed. Many of our parents with High Schoolers are grateful for the chance to enroll their students in these classes and are able to get HS credit for either general or college prep tracts.

At HrCHC, we try very hard to present a relaxed atmosphere that promotes an optimal teaching and learning environment without "all the stress" of your typical public school experience. There is A LOT of behind the scenes work by our Leadership team and support network that goes into providing this experience.
With your input, our goal is to be a blessing to your family!

God has been gracious to provide the resources that we have needed when we have needed them.

We offer a Promotion Ceremony and a Senior Graduation Ceremony at the end of Spring each year.
The Promotion program is designed for parents and family members of the students to enjoy and an opportunity to celebrate what the student has accomplished over the course of the year. Certificates are awarded to each student celebrating their promotion to the next grade. In addition, there is a Kindergarten cap & gown ceremony and medals are presented to our 8th graders to signify the milestone of moving into High School. We have cake and punch afterward to celebrate the occasion.
Seniors have the opportunity to participate in a regional homeschool prom, service opportunities, and a separate graduation ceremony for family and friends.

We offer homeschool t-shirts and an annual yearbook that are optional to purchase. Field trips include attending plays together, skating parties, or taking organized educational trips. We encourage our members to organize play dates and events so that members can socialize outside of Co-op also. HrCHC is about building relationships and friendships in addition to pursuing academic excellence. When the weather is nice we often get together at the park after classes to have lunch and fellowship with each other.

If you choose to become a part of HrCHC. We have a required Family Fee of $25.00 that is paid each semester (Fall and Spring). This cost is used to cover insurance costs, ceremonies and Co-op needs. Classes may have an additional fee and that amount will need to be paid at the time of class registration. Class fees are determined by the teacher for necessary supplies for the class. All books need to be purchased by parents before the first day of class.
Parents are required to help out each hour of co-op. We meet on Wednesdays from 8:40AM-12:00PM. Our classes last 50 minutes each. After your first semester attending our co-op, we ask that you be prepared to either teach a class or become a co-teacher, helper, or hall monitor each hour.
Once you become a member of HrCHC you will gain access to our secured website pages and private Facebook group.

Above all HrCHC is a family. We bring a unique opportunity to enhance your homeschooling experience with a variety of classes and opportunities. We would love to have you become a part of our homeschool family. If you are interested in joining our co-op please request to join this group by clicking on the "JOIN" tab at the top of this home page. We will contact you for an interview and tour when we open enrollment.

We wish you the very best in your homeschooling experience. We pray that you find the Co-op that is the right fit for your family. May you be blessed greatly in your endeavors to provide academic excellence for your student(s)!

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