Branches Southwest

What kind of classes does Branches offer?

We are all volunteer educators that love to teach what our children are interested in. So having that said, every semester is different. There are both enrichment and academic classes offered every semester and for all age groups. We try to offer classes geared and grouped together by ages. For example: there will be choices like our 7-9 year olds that look very energetic, full hands on art projects, maybe a read aloud history book study, maybe a fun Pokemon or Lego club.

Classes for 10-13 year olds would maybe look like a formal writing instruction, a bible study or journaling class, fun science experiments, or even PE. Highschoolers might be able to take, CPR and survival skills, Biology, Intro to Law, Statistics, Photography, Literaturary studies etc. There has even been Cake decorating, Gardening, Dance, Discection.

Every Semester has its own personality. Which can be very fun and keeps the kids excited to come back.  We don't post the class schedule for the public to see because it is so fluid and changing up until classes actually start. Please feel free to email [email protected] for more information on class schedules.