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How do I Volunteer?

Branches Southwest Volunteer Credits


Many people have a hard time understanding the volunteer credit system. Our hope with this document is to clear up any confusion on the subject. If, after reading this you still feel a little unsure how it all works please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to explain it further.

You may already know that Branches is not a drop off co-op program. Every student needs to have a parent on campus at all times. While your child/ren is in their class, you will be responsible for doing your volunteer job during that class hour. Every volunteer job will give you a certain amount of “credits”. This is just to make sure everyone is kept in community and being involved and doing their part to make Branches the best it can be for all of our kids.


Before I go any further – remember that this is per family and NOT per child. (Whew!)


Below is a list of credits that should be expected in relation to your family’s class periods.


Family taking

1 class period: 3 credit minimum

2 class periods: 5 credit minimum

3 class periods: 7 credit minimum

4 class periods: 8 credit minimum



Below is a sample of a few volunteer jobs that you will be able to select from.  This is just a small selection and the final list with more detailed descriptions will be posted under the class registration roster that you will be able to register for just as if it were one of your kids classes. When registration begins, just pick your kids class – then scroll down and pick your volunteer job. (This will make more sense once you see it on the website, I promise.)

1 Credit Jobs

Snack Bar Helper, Welcome Table set up/tear down, Assisting a teacher in their class

2 Credit Jobs


3 Credit Jobs

Teaching a class (3 credits per hour), taking out the trash, sweeping and vacuuming hallways after classes and general spot cleaning etc..

8 Credit Jobs

Leadership positions - Campus Director, Class Coordinator, Volunteer/Floater Coordinator, Finance Director, Mini Branches Coordinator and Mini's Room Leaders

***Please remember this is only a sample and credits/jobs change frequently according our current needs***

Other Frequently asked questions regarding this topic:

What if I am sick or have a problem getting to my volunteer job?

We understand that life happens. And everyone will have to experience a family illness that prevents you from fulfilling your volunteer jobs for that week. Whatever the case may be, as long as these situations are not the normal routine for your family we will have a system in place to provide substitutes in your absence.

However, if your family has a special situation that requires you to be absent from your volunteer jobs on a regular basis you will have to find another adult who is willing to do your jobs for you – in addition to their own! Which could get tricky. :0)

We will have to discuss it privately and on a case by case basis to see if we can come up with alternative ways for you to remain in Branches. Branches is very inclusive and wants to provide a place for those special families who need specialized situations. But we must all remember that we all have to put in the effort for any of this to work.

What if I am teaching a class and have an emergency and can’t make it to Branches that day?

 Again, life is unexpected and we get it! As the teacher, you will need to teach your class assistant how to run the class so they will be able to provide instruction to your students in the event of your absence. Your assistant will be provided a with a Floater volunteer to assist with the kids for that day as well.  

Who can fulfill my family's credit requirements?

Preferably the parent who will be with the family for that day. It can be a Mom, Dad, Grandparent, or other adult who has completed a background check and allowed to be on campus. Also, if you have an older child who wants to volunteer their talents to help out – we greatly encourage that! There are two ways they can do this. They can earn credit for teaching a class if you as their parent feel like they are skilled and mature enough to do so. You will need to be in the room with them as their assistant. Your child can also volunteer their time in other ways – helping with parties, or events, or cleaning, or maybe an emotional younger sibling in the nursery room. When they get involved in those ways they can earn tickets that can be redeemed for free snacks at the Snack Bar. :0)