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These are businesses a member has heard about and wanted to share.  CHSA does not endorse, condone, or recommend a business as an organization.  If a member or two has recommended them, their names may be listed. Be sure to do your due diligence to see if the business is a good fit for your needs.


From: Carol Ashby <carolashbyauthor@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, May 14, 2018 at 11:24 PM
Subject: Discover the real people behind the history: a website for Christian home educators


Coppell Homeschool Association


Hello! I’m Carol Ashby, retired scientist, history buff, and author of Christian historical novels. I love creating stories about deep cultural conflicts, the power of Christian love to overcome them, and the transformation of people that happens in response to that love.


My stories are set in the Roman Empire shortly after AD 100. It was a time when choosing to follow Jesus might get you killed, and I love writing stories about believers who lived their faith despite the risk.


To make the story world come alive, I’ve immersed myself in Roman history to learn about everyday life under the Caesars. I’m turning what I’ve learned into a Roman history website (at carolashby.com) that covers many topics that you won’t find in the ordinary textbook. Each article provides an in-depth treatment drawn from information in books and articles by academic experts. Whenever I can, I bring in details related specifically to being a Christian during that era.


The site features:

1) In-depth articles on many topics, including adoption, slavery, citizenship, crime and punishment, and chariot racing.

2) Reviews of fiction set in the Roman era with its suitability for wholesome supplemental reading by teens in mind.

3) For fun, Latin puzzles related to the articles for language learners or puzzle lovers.

4) For the “full Roman experience,” Roman recipes from an authentic Roman cookbook from AD 100 with an invitation for people to send me modern versions to post and share.


I hope you’ll let the members of your homeschool group know about this resource, “Life in the Roman Empire: Historical Fact and Fiction,” at https://carolashby.com.


It could help high school and middle school students discover how fascinating history can be when you dig deep to learn about the daily lives of people instead of just skimming the surface with a textbook. If you have members who plan to teach history or geography, I hope you’ll let them know about the website.


Cooking teachers and folks who love to try new recipes might enjoy the fun facts and recipes at the Cook Like a Roman page. Who knows what new dinnertime favorite might be discovered, but it probably won’t be Trojan pork!


If you have book clubs or study groups, I hope you’ll draw their attention to the historical fiction feature at the site. Some of the best for adults are by Christian authors. Some books there, especially those by Rosemary Sutcliff, would be particularly enjoyable for boys in grades 6 through 12.


If anyone in your group would like more information, I’d love to hear at carolashbyauthor@gmail.com or carol@carolashby.com.






Author of The Light in the Empire Series

Forgiven: Are some wounds too deep to forgive?

Blind Ambition: Sometimes you have to almost die to discover how you want to live.

The Legacy: When Rome has taken everything, what’s left for a man to give?


Blog: The Beauty of Truth


PO Box 549

Edgewood, NM 87015

Contact:   PO Box 549, Edgewood, NM 87015

Cartoon camps

Cartoon drawing camps with Dan Nuckols. Gospel centered, teaching, cartooning. Minimum of 10 students to make a class. 

Contact:   Your area   |   Cell: 612-203-3405

Coppell YMCA

The Coppell Family YMCA is offering swim lessons for Home Schoolers in the mornings. Please call JinHee Hixson.

Contact:   Coppell, Texas 75019   |   Phone: 972-393-5121

Cynthia Vick


My name is Cynthia Vick. I have a heart and passion for homeschoolers. I homeschooled my own kids for 14 yrs in VA where I taught math classes. I have been the math chair at Liberty Christian school for the past 11 years, but am stepping out of the full time classroom to offer

math classes for homeschoolers here in our area. I am trying to get the word out to homeschool families. I am contacting you to see if my website could be posted on your website. I would so appreciate it! My website is https://mrsvickthemathmom.com

Thank you for your consideration,

Cynthia Vick


Dyslexia Specialist

Got this information from previous CHSA Treasurer, Kim Brown, and fellow teacher at ECC co-op, Sandra Wuensch.


I graduated from East Texas State University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Deaf Education and a minor in Speech Pathology.   I had the privilege of being able to homeschool my son and daughter throughout their education. Now that both are in college, I began pursuing further education to become a certified academic language therapist last summer.  My course of training is with Take Flight, a comprehensive, multi-sensory intervention for students with dyslexia tendencies, developed at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. I have completed the first of two years of training through McKinney Christian Academy and I am looking to add 2-3 new students to my practice.  While I am still in training, my services will be at a reduced rate. Besides the advantage of the reduced rate, I also have access to the expertise of my instructors in answering any questions or concerns I haven’t yet encountered. I am excited to be able to offer my therapy services to homeschooling families in the area.  A specific diagnosis of dyslexia is not needed to begin the program. I would love to talk with you more about your unique situation and see if the Take Flight curriculum might be a good fit for your student.


Leslie Crisco

Contact:   2513 Loon Lake Rd, Denton, Tx 76210   |   Phone: 2142442283

Empirical Networks, LLC

Building and Maintaining Secure Reliable Networks

Empirical Networks has securely managed IT networks and enterprises for communities, government and businesses since 2001. Serving clients throughout the South Central region, the company provides managed IT services, network monitoring, vendor management and an array of IT-related support services 24/7. Our clients are supported by seasoned engineers who partner with clients to meet current and ongoing needs.  

Data Center

Empirical Networks' premier data center is located in the heart of Dallas and sits on a tier one fiber ring. 

Contact:   TX   |   Phone: 469-513-1902