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Noah Gilliam To All Instructors

Noah Gilliam first began fencing at 17 in 2008 at the Baited Blade Fencing club in St Peters where he studied French and Italian foil, Sabre, French Epee, French small sword and Italian Longsword. He began teaching French foil in 2010 at St John Bosco Co-op and Saint Charles Community College. After enlisting into the United States Marine Corps in 2013, he continued his education at Encinitas Fencing Academy in French Epee until 2014. From 2014 to 2017 he started a study group in Italian longsword in Camp Pendleton. After leaving active duty, he moved to Evansville, Indiana and learned early period rapier dueling with the Society of Creative Anachronism. He is currently studying sabre at Second Intent fencing club in Troy, Missouri.


Current Classes
Beginner Classic Fencing – Instructor (open)
Advanced Classic Fencing-2nd Semester only – Instructor (open)