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2018 T&F Registration

Updated 2/13/2018.

Team registration & orientation meeting - Monday, January 15, 2018, 7:00 P.M., Hanover City Hall.
See Calendar for map. This is required for all student-athletes and at least one parent per family. All forms and fees due at this time. If you cannot attend the meeting, you must meet with the NHAC Athletic Director in person to sign the MSHSL group paperwork before the meeting. Late registrations/paperwork are not guaranteed participation. If you are reading this after the team meeting, contact us.

Be sure you have read the General Information & Schedule page here first!

We are a team of homeschooled student-athletes. "Homeschooled students" in the State of Minnesota are those who submit an Initial Report or annual Letter of Intent to their school district (example here). (Students age 17+ enrolled in PSEO but not reporting to your district: contact us for instructions.)

Please report your student's grade based on expected graduation year, regardless of schoolwork level in any subject, as there are participation limits. See Team Handbook or ask us for details.

Activity Fees

  • Junior high (7th-8th grades): $150
  • 9th graders: must contact us at least one week before the registration deadline to determine possible eligibility.
  • High school (10th-12th grades; JV/Varsity): $200

See limited refund policy. (Families registering 3+ athletes: please see coaches in advance about possible sibling discount.) Activity fees are used to offset the costs of uniforms, race fees, league dues, insurance, equipment, supplies, maintenance, incentives and awards, coach training, and other team events. Coaches volunteer their time.

P.S. We LOVE new athletes! No experience necessary; there's a place on this team for everyone--from beginners to state qualifiers and everything in between.

Late Registration

  • Junior high: If space is available, JH may register up to the first day of practice with a late fee of $35 per family. Contact us.
  • High school: Not guaranteed participation due to Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) policies. Contact us.

Sports Physical
Due before participation is permitted.

  • You must provide a copy of a current (within 3 years but may not expire during the seasonSports Qualifying Physical Exam Clearance Form in order to participate. Call early to make your appointments. If all else fails, try a Minute Clinic or similar.
  • If your physical will expire during the sports season, you must submit an updated physical before the season starts.
  • If you have participated in Nighthawk Athletics any time since 2015, we probably have yours on file.
  • Sports physical forms are retained in NHAC files but not sent to the League.

You may register for the team before your physical is done, but you must have your appointment before you can attend practices.

Registration is a 3-step process.
All forms and fees are due January 15 at team registration meeting.

  1. Complete your general registration forms--there are online (NHAC) and paper (MSHSL) forms.
  2. Await membership approval by email (this could take a couple days).
  3. Login, roster your athletes, and pay your fees (payment can be made by cash, check, or PayPal).

There are many forms and pages, so please read carefully!
This is not something you can easily skim and sign on registration day. There is a lot of reading to do, so plan to spend some time on these before the meeting. All this paperwork is the same as if you were to participate in sports at a non-district high school. All League membership forms & fees will be submitted by the team as a whole--do not send anything directly to the MSHSL.

Online Forms (Nighthawks) to complete before the Registration meeting:

  1. Registration
  2. Legal & Medical
  3. Team Handbook

Printed Forms (MSHSL) to bring to the Registration meeting:
Not all forms apply to everyone. For reference, details of which forms apply to your student(s) are found here, but we will walk you through that after you begin the Registration process.

  1. Proof of Homeschooling (once per school year)
  2. Sports Physical (once per 3 calendar years)
  3. MSHSL Activity Registration Form (once per season, high school only)
  4. MSHSL Eligibility Brochure (once per school year)
  5. MSHSL Home School Resolution for Membership (once per school year, high school only)

Additionally, parents of high school (JV/Varsity) participants must also read the following group documents and be prepared to sign at the team meeting as a group:

  1. Application for Cooperative Sponsorship (This link is a sample; there will be separate applications for boys and girls.)
  2. Cooperative Sponsorship Agreement (This link is a sample; there will be one agreement for the boys' team and one for the girls' team, to form athletic teams among homeschool high schools with students in grades 10-12. Note: MSHSL requires two-year agreements. This agreement is for track & field only. This does not mean your students have to participate on the track & field team next year, it just means that they cannot bounce from one track team to another each year. The same applies to public/private school students.)

High school (JV/Varsity) participants and parents are also responsible for the information contained in the following:

We (NHAC) and the MSHSL will do everything we can to alert you to deadlines, but ultimately you are responsible to keep your MSHSL membership and your student-athlete's eligibility in good standing.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We're looking forward to having you on the team!

* * * CLICK HERE TO BEGIN REGISTRATION PROCESS * * * [link now disabled]