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Students who attend the Parent-Teacher Co-op must practice good Christian behaviors and habits. Students who have been expelled from traditional/homeschool or private schools will not be allowed to join the Co-op for at least one year. After the year, admission is at the discretion of the PTC staff. As Christians, our goal should be to obey Scripture and, whether in word or deed, to do all to the glory of God. Since the ultimate end of all Bible-centered education is to grow in wisdom and virtue, we require all students to exhibit the following minimal personal virtues:

  • Kindness, truthfulness, courtesy toward others and respect for all property rights, punctuality in attendance and work, respect for and obedience to those in authority, diligence in effort and attention, moral purity including abstinence from drugs, alcohol & sexual activities in all areas of life.
  • Students should not have in their possession anything illegal or prohibited under Michigan law, including E-Cigarettes


DRESS CODE: For students 5th-12th grades & student visitors (not required for 1st-4th grades) As Christians, we have a responsibility to create an atmosphere that encourages academic excellence and upholds an excellent testimony to others. Student appearance should be modest and in good taste so as not to offend or draw undue attention to oneself. The goal of PTC's dress code is to allow students to express their individuality while feeling good about themselves and respecting others and the congregation meeting at Banner Church. Therefore, the following dress code has been established:

PTC’s dress code for 5th-12th graders.

Yes: Colored pants (not tight fitting) and jeans that are not faded or torn (even if there is a liner under the tears), knee length shorts, females only: knee length skirts & dresses (you may wear leggings under these), tops with words & pictures (must not be offensive)

Jewelry/Accessories: Watches, females only: makeup, jewelry, ear piercing

No: Jeans that are faded or torn, sweat pants, sport pants, leggings (unless you a female wearing a knee length skirt or dress), tops with offensive words or pictures. tank tops, exposed underclothing, tops with low necklines, low cut backs, bare midriffs, see through/sheer, tight fitting, visible body piercings (except girl’s ears), visible tattoos, extreme clothing, males should not wear makeup, jewelry, or hats

Disciplinary Action to be taken for failure to comply with the above dress code: 1. The first two weeks of class, warnings will be given, along with a call home to a parent. 2. Beginning the third week of classes, infraction notices will be given. 3. If a third infraction notice is needed, the student will not be allowed to attend class without an assigned uniform. 

“Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.” Philippians 4:5

Cheating Policy:

If a student is suspected of cheating on homework a teacher will discuss it with the student and then call the parents. If cheating can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, an infraction notice will be sent and the teacher has the option of scoring the paper a zero.

If cheating is suspected on a test, the procedure is the same as above. If cheating is proven, the test receives a zero and student must meet with parent, teacher, and a staff member to discuss severity of the event.

The second time cheating occurs the student will be dismissed from PTC for the remainder of the year and will not be allowed to participate in any activities. The class fees will still need to be paid for the entire year. 

Infraction notices: If a student receives three infraction notices in a semester, he or she must meet with a parent, the teachers, and a staff member. A student may be dismissed for three infraction notices in a semester at the discretion of the staff.

Lunch: Students & parents who stay during the lunch break may bring their own sack lunches. There will be a designated room for lunch. No hot lunch will be provided. Students may not leave the premises during lunch, unless under direct supervision of parent on premise. Students may not be in the parking lot or in cars except for arrival or departure.

Prompt Arrival and Departure: Students should be picked up promptly after their classes are finished and should not be dropped off more than ten minutes before their first class. If the child is 4th grade or younger, the parent must be with him/her in study hall.   If a student is not in a class, they must be in the supervised study hall. 

Electronic Equipment: Cell phones must be put away, silenced and only used for emergency purposes and not during class time. All Mp3 players, I-Pods, CD players and hand-held games are allowed only during study hall.

PTC is part of Home School Legal Defense. If you would also like to become part HSLDA you can have a discounted rate by filling in our group number, 210019, on the application form. 

Please Note: The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has suggested that no more that three (3) core classes be taken outside the home.

Bad weather policy: If weather conditions warrant canceling classes an email will be sent to all families by 7:00 am.  It will also be announced on WOOD radio and TV under Banner of Christ Church.  In case of tornado warning, students will be moved to a safe location.  Parents are welcomed to pick up their students, but it is not necessary.