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Spring Fling 2023 A Night on the Red Carpet

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Spring Fling 2023

A Night on the Red Carpet

April 21st 6 pm to 1am.

Dinner and Dancing at The Pinnacle Center 3330 Highland Dr., Hudsonville (drop off)

Game and Pizza at Rebounderz , 7500 Cottonwood Dr Ste A, Jenison (pickup)




PTC Students (9th-12th) grade early bird discount price before March 15th $75 

All Students (9th-12th) March 15th through April 1st $90

Late registration all students until April 10th $100

Registartion ends April 10th

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If student is allowed to drive to second venue or ride with another student please let us know here. This will constitute permission from a parent. 


List any allergies or medical conditions we should know about.


Are there any dietary restictions we should tell the caterers about?

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Name, cell and home phone number of emergency contact person.

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I am a current PTC student.

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All non-PTC students must submit a testimony here. PTC students have already done this.

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Spring Fling 2022 Medical Release Form: In the event of a Medical Emergency, I give permission for my child listed on this form to receive emergency medical treatment

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Dress code:

Spring Fling Dress Code:

• Girls: Please wear dresses that are tasteful and modest. No dresses or slits above    the knee, no cleavage, no strapless, no bare midriffs, or backless. Spaghetti straps are allowed; however, keep in mind there will be dancing, so be comfortable.

• DRESS CODE IS ENFORCED! If you are unsure of your dress, ask Mrs. Malski before that evening.

• Guys: Please wear shirt, tie, and dress pants. A jacket is suggested.

• No jeans or shorts.

•After Party at Rebounderz: This is an active venue and athletic clothes are appropriate. We also want to encourage modesty while wearing functional clothing. Shorts for both girls and guys must be fingertip length. Girls may wear leggings with a longer shirt (that comfortably reaches their thighs.) Looser fitting joggers are also encouraged. No bare midriffs or undergarments are to be exposed. anyone not following dress code will be asked to change.