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Graduation Sign Up

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PTC Graduation Requirements

PTC offers a graduation ceremony for students who have completed their high school requirements.

  1. Must have been home schooled for at least one year and a student at the PTC currently or in the past.
  2. Must submit a transcript of classes and grades for the high school grades. Graduates should have completed the basic requirements for college entrance and completed 20 credits.
    Basic requirements for most colleges are: 4 years of English, 3 years of science, 3 years of social studies including government, 4 years of math (one must be during the last year of high school), 1 year of physical education, 1 year of computer and 1 year of either applied, performing or visual art, 2 years of foriegn language
  3. Michigan Merit requirements are 18 credits, including: 4 yrs English, 4 yrs science, 4 yrs math 1 yr physical education with health, online experience, 3 yrs social studies to include government, 1 yr performing arts.
  4. Must complete the graduation paperwork available online by the November meeting.
  5. Parent and student must attend graduation meetings and rehearsal.
  6. The cost of graduation will be covered by the graduates’ families.
  7. Must register for graduation by February meeting.

Please complete and submit the form below.

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Student's Full Name as it will appear on the Graduation Diploma:

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Names of Parents (first and last names):

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The course of study followed? This information will be on the diploma. Examples are State of Michigan, West Michigan Home Schools or your family's school name.


This information must be entered by April 2nd. The information may be changed as late as graduation rehearsal.

  1. Information to be read when the diploma is presented:
    Full name, son/ daughter of __________, has been home schooled for ____ years. He/she participated in ____________ during high school. He/ she has received _________________ awards. He/ she is planning on _______________ next year.  This information should be between 55 and 75 words.
  2. Information to put in the program will be very similar but more detailed:
    Full name, son/ daughter of __________, has been home schooled for ____ years. He/she participated in ____________ during high school. He/ she has received _________________ awards. He/ she is planning on _______________ next year.  
    The information should be between 90 and 120 words. This can be amended before May 11th.
  3. A cd or thumb drive with 1 infant picture, 1 family picture, 1 senior picture, and 3 other pictures of the graduate for use in power point must be turned in to Mrs. Malski by April 3rd along with a second cd of a close up senior picture for use in the program.

Important dates for graduates:

  • November 7th - first graduation meeting 3:35 at Banner of Christ Church information filled out and sent before this meeting
  • February 20th - Second meeting at 3:30 at Banner of Christ Church
  • May 7th – Graduation rehearsal 3:30 at Banner of Christ Church
  • May 15th- Graduation 7:00 Seniors need to be there and rerady at 5:30.

Important Information

  • The cost in past years has been $50/graduate for the ceremony +approximently $47 for cap, gown, diploma and tassel. The money for the cap/ gown and diploma is to be paid at the November meeting. Ceremony cost paid at the February meeting.
  • Every student is encouraged to be involved in the ceremony in some way.
  • Students will choose the speaker, class verse, class flower, and all music (this must be Christian music).