Grace Life Co-op GRACE Life Co-op

Dress Code

GRACE Life Co-op Dress Code:

Shirts/Tops: Please keep in mind to always be modest.  No low cut shirts for girls.  Please do not wear offensive graphic tees (rock bands, movies, tobacco, alcohol, etc...). No strapless tops or tops with spaghetti straps may be worn at all.

Bottoms:  Shorts MUST be knee-length (Bermuda style) and modest for both guys and girls.  Capri pants/jeans (girls) or jeans/cargo pants (guys) are always acceptable.

Leggings *MUST* be worn with a top that covers backside/bum/rear (i.e. tunic length top, dress or skirt)
A violation of this policy will forfeit the option
for wearing leggings.

If a parent is on the co-op campus, please respect the dress code above.