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Co-op Policies (Condensed Version)

Co-op Policies (Condensed)

General Information:

Classes are held on Mondays, August through April.

We break for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year's, and Spring Break.

  • All participants must be current GRACE members.
  • All classes are intended to be a drop-off class.
  • All parents are required to fill a mandatory duty during the co-op year. 

Ages of students:

Preschool students must be potty trained and are typically ages 3-*5.

Elementary students are ages *5-12, or roughly K/1st through *6th grade; classes will be taught by age rather than grade level.

Middle and High school students are considered those in *6th through 12th grade.

A child must be the listed age/grade level of a class on or before the first day of classes.

Class structure:

Class periods will last 55 minutes with a 5-minute break in between. 


  • a family registration fee of $20/family per year,
  • a director fee of $20/family (per year)
  • a $50 gift to our host facility 
  • In the event of an emergency (unforeseen maintenance repair), we may request/require a small additional charge per family. This will cover any damage to the building, plumbing, or unexpected maintenance cost. *If your child/children intentionally or unintentionally damage the property of our host church, your family will be solely responsible for the monetary cost to repair the damage.

Refund Policy:

  • If you decide to withdraw your child from ALL classes prior to the first day of the semester you may expect a 100% refund of that semester's family registration fee and any class tuition that you may have paid. Class supply fees, director fee, and the host facility's gift are non-refundable at any time.
  • If you decide to withdraw your child for any reason prior to week 4 you may expect a 50% refund of any class tuition that has been paid which your child will not attend. Any registration fees will not be refunded.
  • If you decide to withdraw your child for any reason after week 4 of the semester you will not receive a refund of any kind, and the remaining balance for the month will be due upon withdrawal.

Dress Code:

Students and parents will be required to follow our dress code for modesty.


We expect anyone involved with GRACE Life Co-op to act respectfully and responsibly toward each other.  

The following behaviors are NOT acceptable:

  • inappropriate public displays of affection anywhere on the co-op campus
  • plagiarism
  • profanity
  • theft
  • fighting
  • bullying
  • willful damage of personal or church property
  • use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any vape products
  • purposeful personal injury
  • disruptive behavior of any kind (in class or with peers)

If any of the above issues arise, parents will be contacted immediately to come pick up their child.

All policies, procedures, and forms (Statement of Faith, Liability Waiver, and any co-op information) are the property of Grace Life Co-op. We ask that you do not copy to your website or any publications.