Grace Life Co-op

Co-op Policies (Condensed)

Co-op Policies (Condensed)

General Information:

Classes will be held on Mondays, August through April.

We will break for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year's, and Spring Break.

  • All participants must be current GRACE members.
  • All classes are intended to be a drop-off class.
  • Parents are required to fill a mandatory duty during the co-op year. 
  • All preschool and elementary students must be in a class or with a parent and are not allowed to roam freely on the premises.
  • Middle and high school students are considered to be self-governing and may be on the premises without a parent, while not in a class, provided they are respectful to the property and not disruptive to the other classes.

Ages of students:

Preschool students must be potty trained and are typically ages 3-*5.

Elementary students are ages *5-12, or roughly K/1st through *6th grade; classes will be taught by age rather than grade level.

Middle and High school students are those in *6th through 12th grade.

*Note: 5yr. old students are able to take either the preschool or elementary level classes based on their ability. Please consider your child's ability, based on the class description, when you are selecting classes. Also, 6th grade is a “swing year” depending on your definition of middle school and those students may be eligible to take either an elementary or a middle school class.

A child must be the listed age/grade level of a class on or before the first day of classes. If your child is too young or old by age/grade for a particular class, you may speak with the teacher. They have discretion over allowing or denying students participation in their class. Please respect their decision.

Class structure:

Classes will extend 29 weeks unless otherwise noted.

Preschool and Elementary class periods will last 55 minutes with a 5-minute break in between. Elementary students will have a 15 min. lunch period.

Middle and High school class periods are 1 or 1 hr. and 15 minutes, and will have a 30 minute lunch period.


Pricing is set by each teacher for his or her own class; there will also be a family registration fee of $20/family per year, a director fee of $20/family (per year), and a $50 gift/tithe to our host facility for a total of $90 per year. In the event of an emergency (unforeseen maintenance repair), we may request/require a small additional charge per family. This will cover any damage to the building, plumbing, or unexpected maintenance cost. *If your child/children intentionally or unintentionally damage the property of our host church, your family will be solely responsible for the monetary cost to repair the damage.

Dropping Students Off:

Preschool and Elementary Students (ages 3-12): Parents are required to escort their child(ren) into the building. Please locate your child's name tag and escort them to their first class.

Preschool and elementary children may not be dropped off early to class.

Middle and High School Students (6th grade and up): These students do not require an escort into the building. If a parent has a need to drop off early, they may do so as long as the student has brought something with them to occupy their time (schoolwork, a book to read, etc.)

Students of All Ages who are repeatedly late can be refused entry into the class by the teacher. Teachers have the option to send late students to the foyer to sit with the foyer monitor. Parents will be billed for child care at the rate of $10/child payable to the monitor. Keep in mind that payment will still be due to the scheduled teacher in addition to the monitor charge.

Picking Students up:

Preschool and Elementary Students: Parents must come inside the building to pick up their child(ren). Students must be picked up on time. If you, as the parent, are designating someone else to pick up your child, please inform the child’s last teacher of the day and/or the co-op director.

**If you are late to pick up your child on a regular basis and tardiness becomes excessive, co-op will charge a late fee of $5/child. See our director for immediate payment.

Middle and High School Students: Any student driving themselves to/from co-op may leave unescorted. All other middle and high school-aged child may also leave the building unescorted.

Refund Policy:

If you decide to withdraw your child from ALL classes prior to the first day of the semester you may expect a 100% refund of that semester's family registration fee and any class tuition that you may have paid. Class supply fees, director fee, and facility donation are non-refundable at any time. If you decide to withdraw your child for any reason prior to week 4 you may expect a 50% refund of any class tuition that has been paid which your child will not attend. Any registration fees will not be refunded. If you decide to withdraw your child for any reason after week 4 of the semester you will not receive a refund of any kind.

If you decide to withdraw your child from a class after week 4, the remaining balance for the semester will be due upon withdrawal. Failure to pay the balance to teacher(s) will flag your account and penalize your family from the opportunity to register for the next semester. The penalty flag can be removed by paying remaining semester balance in full prior to the last day of the current year's co-op.

Any unpaid balance to teachers will result in your children being placed on a waitlist for all future classes until approved by the co-op administrators/director.

Student Absences:

If you know that your child will be absent, PLEASE try to notify your child’s teachers individually. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. There is no “penalty” for being absent (except as specified by middle and high school teachers). It is your responsibility to contact the teacher regarding any missed work. Full payment is still expected in your child's absence


If your child is sick or anyone in your family, PLEASE do NOT have them come to class! If there is a fever in your household and it is likely that your child is carrying something that a sibling/parent at home has, please keep your child at home. Let’s show each other how much we care by not spreading the love through illness. If a teacher feels that your child should not be in class due to present illness or should your child become sick while at co-op, you will be contacted promptly.

See our sick policy for more detailed information.

Lunch Time/Lunch Bags and Backpacks of Any Kind:

If your child(ren) brings multiple items to co-op please provide a backpack/bag of some type. Pack a lunch for your child(ren). Co-op does not provide lunch.

**Please label any and all bags/possessions coming with the child to co-op with their name.

Dress Code:

Shirts/Tops: Please do not wear offensive graphic tees (rock bands, movies, tobacco, alcohol, etc...). No strapless tops or tops with spaghetti straps may be worn.

Bottoms: Pants, jeans, or knee-length shorts (modest Bermuda style) are acceptable for guys and girls.  Girls may wear skirts that are at least knee-length.

Leggings *MUST* be worn with a top that covers backside/bum/rear (i.e. tunic length top, dress or skirt)
A violation of this policy will forfeit the option for wearing leggings.

If a parent is on the co-op campus, please respect the dress code above.


We expect anyone involved with GRACE Life Co-op to act respectfully and responsibly toward each other.  Please remind your children to be respectful of the church’s property and to always leave it better than it was found. It is not our place nor that of any other adult involved in this co-op to “discipline” your child beyond the scope of respectfully reminding them to mind their manners.

The following behaviors are NOT acceptable:

  • inappropriate public displays of affection anywhere on the co-op campus
  • plagiarism
  • profanity
  • theft
  • fighting
  • bullying
  • willful damage of personal or church property
  • use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any vape products
  • purposeful personal injury
  • disruptive behavior of any kind (in class or with peers)

If any of the above issues arise, parents will be contacted immediately to come pick up their child.

If there is a behavior problem with your child, the teacher will contact you privately to discuss the matter, as well as let the director know of the problem. If the behavior is a repeated problem, the director of the co-op will contact you and discuss the matter. In the event that a resolution cannot be made, a student may be asked not to participate in co-op classes, particularly if their behavior proves to disrupt the learning of others. If you are asked to remove your child from co-op classes for any reason, the refund policy explained above is applicable. If you as a parent have any problems with any teacher and do not feel comfortable approaching that teacher please contact the director.

All policies, procedures, and forms (Statement of Faith, Liability Waiver, and any co-op information) are the property of Grace Life Co-op. We ask that you do not copy to your website or any publications.