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Waiver and Release of Liability

Waiver and Release of Liability

~You must sign this “Waiver and Release Form” to participate in Grace Life Co-op.
This is a public copy and is read only. 

I, my children, and any of our representatives (hereafter referred to as "family") do hereby acknowledge that participation in Grace Life Co-op (hereafter referred to as GLC) could expose us to possible risk of personal injury or sickness (including Covid). In consideration of my family being permitted to participate in the GLC, I do hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless GLC and its members, directors, officers, governing body, administration, agents, sponsors, volunteers, property owners, or individuals/organizations permitting a GLC-sponsored activity from any and all liability for claims, damages, or injury, including costs and attorneys fees, to my family or any personal property during the time of our attendance at GLC activities, whether or not such damages were sustained in connection to any GLC activities.

I assume full responsibility for my family's behavior, for assuring their supervision during GLC activities, and for any damage or injury caused by my family's actions. I agree that my family shall not now, or at any time in the future, directly or indirectly, initiate or prosecute any action, suit, or other legal proceeding against GLC arising out of, relating to, or in connection with the GLC.

I expressly agree that this release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be broad and inclusive as permitted by the law of the State of North Carolina and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. This release contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto and the terms of this release are contractual and not a mere recital.

We, the parent(s) or legal guardian of ________________________________. Please type your child(ren)'s FIRST and LAST name in the box below. (17yrs. and under) do hereby give permission to participate in the classes and activities of GLC.

GLC representatives sometimes take photographs for the co-op's use in print and electronic publications. This serves as a public notice of GLC's intent to do so and as a release of permission to use such images as it deems fit.

____ I do agree to have my child’s photo taken
____ I do not agree to have my child’s photos taken

All parents or legal guardians participating must sign before the first day your family attends.