Thursday Connection

New Family Registration

Thank you for your interest in Thursday Connection!  We are excited for the chance to meet you and share in your homeschooling journey.

  • Before you can register, you must request membership on our website,  Click "Join" on the top menu, and following the instructions.  You will be sent an email with instructions on how to proceed.

  • New Family Registration will be held fully online on April 9, 2020.  We are in the process of determining exactly how this will work....thank you for being patient with us!  We will contact you via email with details.

  • Family Registration fee and Student Insurance fees must be paid by May 7, 2020 to hold your spot at Thursday Connection.  You can pay  via PayPal on our online website no later than 5 PM on 5/7/2020.  The following fees will be due:
    1. Payable to Thursday Connection:
      $60 per family Registration Fee (once per semester)
      $10 per student Insurance Fee (once per school year)
      $5 per family Parking Fee (once per lifetime)

    2. Payable to each teacher:
      First month's tuition
      Materials fees
      We do understand that many families are in financial distress due to the pandemic.  Please contact a registrar for assistance. (Jennifer Gebbie or Jen Bullard)

      Please Note:  We collect tuition 4 times per semester.  Once at registration (now), then again on the first Thursdays of September, October and November.  Materials fees are collected once per semester, at registration (now). The process repeats itself for Spring semester.

      Tuition and materials fees vary per class, and are listed on the class schedule matrices and also on the course descriptions document, both found online.

Questions?  Please contact the registrar via email for assistance.