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Tips On Regisering

Here are some tips on how to register using the software:

  1. Be sure you are logged in.  Your member registration will not be complete with out the neccessary forms, a copy of your Home School Charter emailed to artfulintelligencetpa@gmail.com, and full payment of the yearly membership fee submitted via PayPal to artfulintelligencetpa@gmail.com.

  2. Click on the 'Class Registration' tab at the top of the page

  3. Find the class you're interested in and click to open the details of the class

  4. A check box list for each of your children should appear to the right.  Click on which children you are signing up for the class and then click 'Register'

  5. Once you have registered, if you remove your child from the class from your parent account, you will still need to let us know which class and time so that we can delete the registration from our site.  Until you do this you may have trouble signing up for other classes.  

  6. The software is set up to avoid schedule conflicts.  Once you have registered a child for a class you won't be able to register for a different class at the same time.  *This is where Hint #5 is important*

  7. Prices will default to Non-Homeschool.  We will update prices in our family accounts once a day to reflect the appropriate pricing bracket for your family based on your submitted paperwork.  Feel free to email us and we will try to update your account before our normal updating time.

  8. Class prices are all incluseive.  Outside of a notebook and 3 ring folder you should not need to purchase or bring anything else to complete the class.  For our Coding class we will help you set up a home environment on you personal computer for your young coder to flex their muscles.  For our video class, we can point you in the right direction to download some of the softwares we will be using.

  9. Some helpful instructional videos are listed below:

    1. Class Registration

    2. Request Membership

    3. Family Website

    4. Password

    5. Edit Profile

    6. Accounting Tool

    7. Calendar Tool

    8. Forum Tool

    9. Classified Tool