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Please note that with very few exceptions, we follow the Florida Hillsborough County school schedule. Be sure to mark your calendars for any holiday/closed dates. Both Fall and Spring sessions run 12 weeks with 12, 50-minute classes per each discipline.

All of our classes are geared for children ages 8-13 years of age. We reserve the right to evaluate all of our students capabilities for the course they are taking. Our goal is to push their growth without overwhelming.

Unless noted otherwise, classes are drop off and prompt pick-up is mandatory. Please see The Rules for charges regarding tardy pick up.

One free language (French or German)!  Becasue we're adding more languages we are offering one of them free.  When you register, please email us and we will adjust your totals to reflect this discount.  Thank you!

Girls!  We love you - come join us.  35% off for all girls.  Email with any questions.