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FAQ about Homeschool Co-op


What is it?

Homeschool Co-op is an opportunity for kids and parents to come together and learn from each other. Parents teach hands-on, interactive, age appropriate and FUN classes to students! This is a time for parents and kids to build community through learning. We typically meet for two 8-10 week terms during the school year.

Who can come?

Our focus is on homeschool families who have school-age students (ages 5-16). If you have a child in that age range then you are welcome to check us out. We have nursery, preschool, and kindergarten classes for younger siblings, as well as teen helper opportunities for older siblings.

What is the cost?

$50-75  Term Fee

$21   per child/supply fee

$1-$20 Class fee-depending on the class you choose

$11    one-time background check fee

Where do you meet?

We are meeting at The Journey Church in Damascus, Oregon.

What is the daily schedule?

During the 8 or 10-week terms, we meet every Friday from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Each Friday School day starts with chapel time in the sanctuary. This is a time of worship, a gospel-focused message or teaching, and announcements. After chapel, there are three blocks of classes and a time for lunch as a group. Each block is 55 minutes long.

When will I know what classes are offered this term?

Classes are taught by parents, who ae encouraged to share passions, skills and knowledge when submittign their class proposals. We strive to provide from those proposals a wide variety of offerings ranging from academic to extra curricular "fun" classes.  Check out our list of classes that have been offered in the past. Each terms unique catalog is posted one week before online registration opens.

What do you have for older students?

We have some 12-16 year old students who really enjoy the classes. Our classes are geared toward students ages 5-16. If older students do not want to take the offered classes, they can assist the teachers in the classroom as a teen helper or teach classes as a lead teacher (subject to board approval). We also encourage families who have teens to consider our sister organization, First Class Clackamas Teens. FCCT offers strong academics and social enrichment opportunities for junior high and high school students.

What do you have for my younger child?

Our nursery and preschool classes are planned with young learners in mind. Teachers are encouraged to offer hands-on learning opportunities to engage your little one. For many homeschooled children, this is the first time away from parents or siblings and the parents who teach our early ed classes are sensitive to the needs of your child. There is time for structured learning, social interactions, and free play time. We strive to offer a safe environment for children of all ages.

What do parents do during Friday School?

Parents are an integral part of our co-op; without parents we have no classes! The parent who attends Friday School teaches one class, helps in a class, and spends a block in the adult snack area. This break time is an opportunity to be encouraged, visit, rest, and be a part of our cooperative community. We want to know you and hear your story.

Where can I get more information?

Take a look at our Policies Handbook for more detailed information, or contact us with questions. 

How can I join?

Please contact us and our Membership Supervisor will get in touch with you.