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Executive Director
Suzanne Brown, [email protected]

High School Director

Sandy Hutcheson, [email protected]
Middle School Director,
Greenville and Spartanburg
Karla Partin, 

Elementary Director, Greenville

Abby Williams, 

Elementary Director, Spartanburg

Jennifer Lee,

[email protected]

Learning Differences Director

Rachel Beeson, [email protected]

Operations Manager

Angela Springsteen,

[email protected]

Project Manager


Linda Byrne,

Human Resources

Melissa Sicko, [email protected]

Financial Administrator

Allison Woodworth, [email protected]


Julie Capps,

[email protected]

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Carmen Farnham, [email protected]

IT Coordinator

Jim Ferguson

[email protected]

Jupiter Ed Coordinator

Laura Erwin

[email protected]

Jupiter Ed Assistant

Meredith Landis

[email protected]

Parent Assistant Service Hours Coordinator

Jessica Frank, 

[email protected]

Yearbook Coordinator
Esther Gambrell, 


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