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Who/what is Holy Trinity Homeschool Co-op?


We are just parents trying to do our best by God and our children. But, we have a Mission:

Mission Statement

Pope John Paul II wrote: “Parents are the first and the most important educators of their own children, and they also possess a fundamental competence in this area, they are educators because they are parents.”

Holy Trinity will support all homeschool parents to fulfill their vocation of educating their children. We will provide academic and enrichment studies along with incorporating a Catholic atmosphere, virtuous habits and living ideas in accordance with Catholic culture. Holy Trinity will promote excellence in study, character and relationships. Holy Trinity will operate with an “education is life” philosophy.



1. To provide homeschool children with a group venue to review, drill and discuss academic and enrichment studies taught at home.

2. To provide homeschool children with supplemental instruction from adults who share their special skills, talents, practical knowledge and education.

3. To provide homeschool children with a Catholic environment rich in group activities revolving around the liturgical calendar.

4. To provide homeschool children with service projects that expose social justice issues as well as help the parish.

5. To provide a weekly opportunity for a homeschooling community Mass.

6. To provide a venue for homeschooling children to present group projects (academic and enrichment studies), recitations and talents for each other.

7. To form homeschool children to be future saints and leaders.

8. To expose homeschool children regularly to religious vocations and multi-cultural studies.

9. To encourage/award homeschool children for their accomplishments in group settings.

10. To provide homeschool children and parents the opportunity to share their Catholic faith in an uncompromising environment.

11. To provide homeschool children consistent weekly practice of virtuous habits (ie: diligence, timeliness, prudence, modesty, etc.).

12. To provide homeschool children and parents with the opportunity to make spiritually and socially rich friendships amongst themselves as well as with the parish staff.


When and where do you meet?


We meet on Thursdays, during the school year, from 9 a.m. Mass to 3 p.m. dismissal at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Plantersville, TX.