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About TLC

About TLC

Thurston Learning Community is a resource for families who choose to educate their children at home. We function with participation from both caregiver and child. It is not a drop-off co-op or a resource for a preschool only program.We strive to offer quality educational and social opportunities to the Thurston County and surrounding homeschool communities. We are an inclusive, secular community and are neutral on matters of politics, religion, lifestyle and education philosophy. All homeschooling families are welcome. We include, respect, and value the needs of all people.

Location: We currently meet in Tumwater.

Schedule: TLC meets on Mondays, September through June. We follow a similar schedule to local public schools and observe all federal holidays.

How classes work:

  • Outline: classes run on a 10 week schedule. Classes are taught by parent volunteers who choose and design their own curriculum. Your class does not have to be solely academic. It could also be geared toward social development, physical education, enrichment, or life skills. However, classes must be secular in nature.
  • Daily Schedule: We currently have a gathering time before our first class which is followed by lunch and ends with a second class.
  • Free space: in addition to classes we have a free space for students to use. This could be used for independent study or could be used simply as a place to spend some quiet time with friends. This space is supervised by adults but is not specifically directed by adults.
  • Fees (and their uses): Membership Fees are used to pay for our rental space, background checks for adult members, website hosting, and needed supplies for the full co-op (like Kleenex). Insurance Fees are $7.50 per family member per session. Class Fees are determined by the teacher and approved by the Board. Please note that all fees are nonrefundable. The fee breakdown is described in the box below.
Membership Fees: $50 per family per session. Additional Background Checks: $12.
Insurance: $7.50 per family member per session
Class Fees: $0-$25 This covers all 10 weeks of a class. Some classes may ask students to bring some items to keep costs low. 

Fees are paid through the website using Paypal prior to the start of the term. 

Outside activities: Co-op meets once per week but members are welcome to organize additional activities outside of co-op. Please keep in mind that these outside activities are not official TLC sponsored activities.

Member requirements: All members must be willing to lead a class and assist as needed in a second class. Each family is also expected to help on the set-up crew, lunchroom/recess supervisors, or clean-up crew. A parent or adult family member must remain at co-op with their student(s) at all times. Other membership requirements are outlined as part of the application process.

Further questions or concerned may be addressed by contacting the TLC Board at [email protected]