Mom's Retreat 2021 Living History Day

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Hi there!!! Welcome to Grace!  We're glad you're here.  Please look at the following steps before requesting membership to this organization to make sure this is what you are looking for!

Registration is annual and includes membership as a COMMUNITY MEMBER (field trips, outings, Mom's Night Outs, etc - non-class attending member) and is $25/year (both Community Members and Campus Participants pay this). This is a non-refundable fee.

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Step 2 -  Follow the directions in the approval email you will get from our Leadership Team.

Step 3 - Once approved, please return back to the website and pick the appropriate fee from the "Fee" tab.

  1. Campus Membership (1 day/campus $300 and for an additional day/campus $100): This is for those who will be taking classes at one or two of the campuses this year. This fee is per semester. The campus membership fees are non-refundable as of the first day of each semester. 
  2. Community Membership: This is for families wishing to be a part of Grace Co-op and all the field trips and events but will NOT be taking classes on any of the campuses (this is an annual non-refundable fee)

Step 4 -  Complete your background check by following the directions under the "background" link on the website. There is a $20 cost associated to this and is only needed for the participating adult(s). This is an annual and non-refundable fee.

Step 5- Under the "Waiver" tab on the website, complete the following e-signature forms. You'll receive a copy of these in the email you provide to keep for your family records. A.) General Waiver (one for each campus you will be taking classes at) and B.) Covid-19 Waiver (one per family).

Step 6 (Teachers Only) - If you are interested in sharing your passion and interests through teaching a class, make sure to check out the "Teacher's Info" tab and fill out the "Teach a Class Application" form. Someone from leadership will connect with you soon. 

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