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Is QCHSC a religious co-op?

QCHSC is an inclusive community that does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or national origin. Our member families come from many different backgrounds and may practice a variety of religious traditions—or none at all. We welcome families who are willing and able to respect the differences of others and work together with people who may not share their background.

What are the responsibilities of member families?

Member families are asked to:

  • contribute financially to support the collective (ie., facility/website fee, scholarship donation if able);
  • support the administration of our educational opportunities by selecting and making payment for classes according to established timelines and procedures
  • foster a safe and supportive learning environment by providing at least one hour of community service each week during our class day;
  • be present and accountable for the safety of their children, and considerate of other member families in our community, assisting all children to maintain acceptable behavior standards for our mutually considerate community while participating in QCHSC activities; and
  • adhere to specified food safety measures in support of our member's medical needs,
  • utilize respectful, direct communication and conflict resolution strategies whenever possible.

We are here to assist our member families in any way we are needed—please contact us if we can be of help!

What kinds of classes are offered at Queen City Homeschool Collective?

The classes available at QCHSC vary greatly from semester to semester according to the interests of our learners and inspirations and approaches of our instructors, and have recently included the following offerings: 

  • Make & Take Storytime. Kung-Fu Self-Defense and Wellness. The Past and the Curious Podcast Discussion Group. Science Experiments. Interactive Communication and Conflict Resolution. The Gruffalo: A Theatre Production. STEM explorations. Debate Club. Tabletop Gaming. Martial Arts. Writing Workshop. Animals in Art: Sea, Caves, Land, and Air. Ceramics Lab. Exploring Visual Poetry. GoBike Recycle-a-Bicycle. Songwriting. Creative Cartography (Scroll Map). Mandarin Language. Lock-picking. What's going on? Native History. Signing Time. Beginner Sewing. Music Play for Littles. Papagayo Theater Performance. Co-op Coffee Shop (Professional and Entrepreneurial Skills). Salsa for Beginners.  Chapter Book Club. Robotics (beginner and advanced). Piano Keyboard Instruction and Music Theory. Exploring Emotions through Storytelling. Native Inspired Crafts. Spanish Language.  Middle Grade Book Club. Mixed Media Carnival. Cloak of Empowerment and Protection. Country and Culture Club. Music Explorers. Georgia O'Keeffe. Dance Party. Endangered Animals. Sculpture (additive and substractive). Pint Size Poetry and Art. Exploring Language. Family Tree Project. Sex Is a Funny Word. Felting. Foundations of B-boying/B-girling. Historic Crafts. Introduction to Poetry. Social Construction of the Person. Art Tutoring. Foriegn Language Tutoring.

Please check our Class Info Page for information on current or upcoming semester offerings -- this information becomes available approximately 6-8 weeks before the start of each session and is available throughout the semester.

Do you offer classes and activities for preschool-aged children?

QCHSC's formal offerings focus on enrichment activities for pre-school and school-aged learners age 3 and up, but many of our member families have younger children and we are happy to accommodate the youngest members of our community! Throughout the day, we have the use of a bright and beautiful play/learn center for littles, including multiple play rooms with puzzles, toys, etc., a restroom and a small kitchen. We offer classes and activities each semester aimed at the 3-6yrs set, and we also assist in coordinating one-to-one childcare during class time for teachers who have younger children. Parents of littles are also welcome to organize more structured activities from time to time as suits their needs and interests. 

I have an idea for a class I'd like to teach!

That's wonderful news! We would love to hear about it! Please submit a class proposal form so we can present your idea to our member families. In general, to allow time for scheduling and student registration, we will need your submission 6-8 weeks before the begining of the semester (June 15th for Fall, December 10 th for Spring) to ensure that your offering can be included on the class schedule. If the submission date for the next semester has passed, please feel free to reach out ASAP and we willl look into the possibilities. We are always happy to consider your  offering for a subsequent semester! 

I have a question that isn't answered here.

We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! Please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.