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We would love you to join us!

Queen City Homeschool Collective is an inclusive community with member families from many different religious traditions (or none at all) and a variety of backgrounds, family structures, and educational philosophies. We welcome families who are willing and able to respect the differences of others and work together with people who may not share their background.

We ask that each member family contribute $43 each semester to help cover facility and administrative costs. This fee is payable in cash on or before the first day of classes at the beginning of each semester.

Classes are taught by independent teachers who are not employees of QCHSC. Classes fees are set by the individual instructors, and member families in each class collectively pay the instructor directly for their services.

Our goal is to ensure that every family who wishes to participate in our community is able to, regardless of their current financial situation. To that end, some scholarship funds  are available for families who need assistance in paying membership and/or class fees.

QCSHC depends on active participation by its member families! We ask that each family provide one hour of community service each week. Community service opportunities and volunteer responsibilities are outlined in our member guidelines.

Families interested in joining QCHSC are encouraged to read our Member Family Guidelines and to contact us for more information.

We welcome new members whenever space and resources permit. In the event that we are closed to new members, we will take your information and contact you when space becomes available.