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Class Proposal Spring 2020

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Thank you for your interest in offering a class for the Queen City Home School Collective community!

We welcome class proposals from QCHSC members and members of the greater community who have knowledge and passion about a subject or skill that they would like to share with our learners. If you would like your proposal to be considered by our member families for Spring 2020 (or an upcoming session), please fill in this proposal form as completely as possible (but at minimum: title, brief description, age group, class size, cost). Please submit a separate completed form for each class you would like to propose. Everything will be confirmed with you and details can be added or changed later. Please skim through the entire form before beginning your proposal in order to get a feel for how our session schedules are structured.

To allow time for scheduling and student registration, we will need your preliminary class porposal submission no later than December 10, 2019 to ensure that your offering can be included on the class schedule. The schedule will be posted no later than December 20, 2019. (Please note that due to facility constraints, not every proposed class may be able to be included, and adjustments after this date may be necessary for other reasons.) Even if the submission date has passed, please feel free to reach out ASAP and we will look into the possibilities. We are always happy to consider your offering for a subsequent session as well!

We welcome both traditional and innovative instructional approaches and topics. For examples of courses that have been offered previously, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Our Spring 2020 meetings are at the Buffalo Dream Center (286 Lafayette Ave., Buffalo, NY 14213) on Tuesdays 10am-4pm. Registration opens 1/1/20 on closes on 1/14/20, with all payments due to be submitted directly to instructors (online or postmarked) by this date. Classes that do not have sufficient paid registrations to run by this date will be canceled. The 12-week session runs from 1/28/20 through 4/28/20. The first 6 weeks are: 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25, 3/3, and the second 6-weeks are 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31, 4/7, (4/14 off for spring break), 4/21 (final regular day), and 4/28 (make-up day, to allow for instructor absence or weather cancelation.)

As always, thanks for your interest and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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Instructor name(s)

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Instructor e-mail address (For all communication from QSHSC)

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Instructor mailing address (to recieve mailed class payments -- primary communication with QCHSC is through email.) 


Organization (optional: If you would like to be recognized as a member of a community/professional organization relevant to your proposal)

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Instructor phone number (Note: communication will be primarily through email.)


Please choose at least one subject this class BEST represents:

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Math Sciences
History/Global Studies/Geography Foreign Language
Writing/Literature Art/Music/Drama
Enrichment/Life Skills Physical Education
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Course Title (can be adjusted later)

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Course Description: Can be very brief. Please include any abilities or prerequisites learners must have for successful participation (such as a certain level of reading or motor skills). We also welcome any information about topics, activities, materials, week-by-week syllabus, required outside reading or homework, etc., that will help families understand your offering. These details can also be added later.


What kind of learning space/environment will work well for your class? Please select all that apply.

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Classroom with tables/desks Small lounge room with sofas/chairs
Kitchen Gym or open space area

How long is your class?

30 minutes 55 minutes
85 minutes 115 minutes

How many weeks/meetings will your class run? (The Spring Session has 12 regular Tuesday meetings January 28-April 28 but other class configurations are acceptable.)

12 weeks 6 weeks, only the 1st half of the session
6 weeks, only the second half of the session 6 weeks, repeated (12 weeks total)
other, ie. 1-time workshop or once-a-month seminar

During which times are you available to teach your classes on Tuesdays this session? Please check all that apply.

Use your Ctrl & Shift keys to select multiples.

Which age range do you feel would benefit most from this class? The Spring Session will be organized into age range tracks, so please select no more than two. (Parents may register for classes that suit their children regardless of exact age, and you will have the option of allowing individual students outside your chosen age range as needed.)

 (1 required)
Ages 3–6 Ages 6–9
Ages 9–12 Ages 12+
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Minimum # of students required for you to run the class. (Most classes will recieve 5-10 student registrations -- please price your class accordingly to make it financially feasible including your supplies/time. If your class does not recieve the minimum number of registrations you require, it may be canceled -- therefore lower minimum classes are more likely to avoid canceallation.)

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Maximum # of students in class. (Students registering in excess of the maximum # will be placed on a wait list.)

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Class Fee
(total per student -- please calculate the cost of supplies into the fee.)

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Brief Instructor Bio (Please tell us a little about yourself, your experiences, or why you are offering this class.)


Will you require child care for your child(ren) during your scheduled class time? We will provide a parent volunteer to be your child's on-site caregiver while you are teaching.)

Yes No
Not Sure

If yes, please indicate names and ages of the child(ren).


Will you require additional adults to assist in your class?

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If yes, how many?


Is there anything else you would like us know about your proposal?


Teaching Agreement

Teacher Responsibilities

I understand that I am NOT an employee of Queen City Homeschool Collective. My classes are Fee for Service, for the families that hire me directly, and it is the responsibility of each individual family to pay teachers.

I agree to:

  • Be punctual and prepared for each class.
  • Be willing to communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress and behavior while in your class.
  • Maintain a class environment that is safe and conducive for learning
  • Follow and implement Queen City Homeschool Collective’s behavior policy and statement of inclusivity.
  • Please let families know when homework will be required for classes, and the estimated amount of time to prepare for class.
  • Allow for clean up time before the end of class.
  • All facilitators are to include at least 1 alternative lesson plan that a substitute would be able to facilitate at a moment’s notice.
  • Commit to teaching for the entirety of the 6 or 12 week session.

Statement of Inclusivity

Queen City Homeschool Collective is an inclusive community welcoming people of any race, ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or national origin. 

Acceptable Behavior

Queen City Home School Collective is a mutually considerate community. This means the needs of all people, regardless of age, are equally respected and valued. In order to ensure that QCHSC has a social atmosphere that supports learning and community, we expect all members of our community:

  • To be courteous
  • To be respectful of all members, teachers, and visitors
  • To consider the safety of others’ emotional and physical well-being, no physical contact with the intent to harm
  • To take care for their own property and that of others
  • To show good will by responding to requests and directions from teachers, promptly and willingly
  • To be tolerant of the differences of others
  • To use polite and professional language within the learning community
  • To be free of alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs and weapons while participating in co-op activities
 (1 required)
I have read and agree to these terms
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PAYMENT INFORMATION: Please provide your instructor PayPal/Venmo ID, mailing address for payments, etc.  Payments are made directly to the instructor -- QCHSC does not handle any payments. You will receive notification of your class registrations via email, and it is your responsibility to keep track of your payments received, via online or check/mail. To discourage last-minute withdrawals and allow instructors time to purchase supplies and prep appropriately, all class payments are due to the instructor no later than 2 weeks before the start of the session. The scheduler will verify with you that payment has been received, or the students will loose their registration in the class-- classes not at their minimum enrollment by this date may be canceled (or you may choose to offer the class with fewer students). Parents understand that all payments are non-refundable unless the class is canceled (or at your discretion). If you provide a Paypal/Venmo or other payment service information, this will be included in your class description and families may pay you directly  -- Please calculate payment service fees into your class cost.  NOTE: Families not participating in online payments will pay you by check/mail to your mailing address, postmarked no later than 2 weeks before the first day of the session. If you do not provide a payment service, all your payments may be sent via check/mail.

Thank You! You should receive a confirmation email shortly and we will contact you soon!