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Join CHRSM for a one-day college and career prep event, “High School at Home: Turning Possibility into Reality" presented by HSLDA!

Saturday, February 20th from 9:00-3:30 at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church, Purcellville

COST: $35 (includes lunch)
About this Event

Are you in the midst of homeschooling a teen, seeking encouragement and practical help? Or are you the parent of a 6th–8th grader who needs a vision for teaching through high school? These presentations have been designed with parents like you in mind to give you tools to navigate the high school years. The information from this event will build a foundation that helps you make homeschooling decisions with confidence.

Carol Becker and Heather Frommack from HSLDA will present four workshops providing parents with an overview of high school:
Develop a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans
High School Transcript Clinic and Recordkeeping Help
Charting Your Way through High School for College, Career, or Military
Homeschool through High School—You Got This!

Registration for the symposium is now open! Please register at the following link:

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Thursday, February 18th.
For questions about the HSLDA High School Symposium, please contact Amy at We look forward to welcoming you to this very informative and inspirational event!
The CHRSM Team

Hello and thank you for your interest in CHRSM! We are currently accepting applications to our program.

There are many wonderful homeschool educational opportunities available to us in Loudoun County. CHRSM differs from the others in that we seek to be a support to the entire homeschool family. We accomplish this first and foremost by making prayer a focus of our ministry. Additionally, we provide opportunities for the homeschooling parent to find the support and encouragement they need. Finally, we offer classes for children 0-18 in order to supplement that which the parent is able to accomplish at home, and to provide our children with a sense of community.

For the upcoming academic year, our community will gather on Tuesdays for Pre-K, Elementary, and Middle School, and Tuesdays/Thursdays for High School. We meet at the Parish Center of Saint Francis de Sales Church in Purcellville.

To view our course schedule for the upcoming year, click on 'Class Registration' at left. If you are interested in registering for courses, you must first apply by clicking 'Join' at the top right of this screen. You will be asked to review all of the informational pages about our ministry, then fill in a family application form, and submit a signed Statement of Faith and your application fee to our Registrar. Please see the FAQ's section for more detail.

Important Dates:
We are currently accepting applications!!
March 24: Postmark deadline for Saint Francis parishioners and current families.
March 26: Registration begins for Saint Francis parishioners.
March 28: Registration begins for current families.
April 17: Postmark deadline for new families.
April 18: Registration begins for new families.
* Please let us know on your application form if you were referred to us by a current CHRSM family.

We look forward to knowing you!

In Christ,
The CHRSM Staff


HSLDA High School Sympsium
February 20 - Saturday
09:30 AM - 03:00 AM

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