Ms. Callie (Chaplow) DiBari

IEW, Upper Elementary Literature, HS Consumer Mathematics

Ms. Callie Chaplow is an 11-year homeschool veteran teacher and St. Francis de Sales parishioner, who lives in Lovettsville with four sons. Prior to her homeschooling mission, Ms. Chaplow served as the chief legislative aide for a prominent Virginia Delegate and Senator reviewing and authoring various pieces of legislation, drafting constituent correspondence, writing press releases, composing studies, interacting with citizens, doing paralegal work, and more.

Callie’s favorite aspect of homeschooling is enabling children to discover the world around them and how God is woven into every aspect of it, offering His fingerprint in His order through math, music, language, nature, and humanity. Ms. Chaplow has been teaching at homeschool groups and co-ops for nine years across subject matters such as history, science, English grammar, Latin declensions and conjugations, math memory work, geography, and world timeline.

At CHRSM, Ms. Chaplow will be introducing IEW’s (Institute for Excellence in Writing) TWSS (Teaching Writing Structure and Style), which she has used for eight years and taught in co-ops for five years. It offers children a formulaic approach to writing making it accessible to everyone. Ms. Chaplow has a love for English grammar and the importance of clear communication. She will be weaving that into her class.

After all, Jesus Christ’s great charter to us, HIS disciples was, “ . . . Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you . . .” We’re best prepared to do this with a firm grasp on properly structured communication.

Ms. Chaplow will be including fun and interactive elements into class to introduce English grammar memory, common Greek and Latin roots, word usage, vocabulary, and more, while always illustrating these concepts with interesting and relevant historic events and stories.

Mrs. Laura Brownstein

Middle Elementary Art, Hands-On Science

Laura Brownstein holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Lousiana College (now Louisiana Christian University) in Pineville, LA. She worked in public schools teaching second grade and fourth grade in Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia (in LCPS). She was working as a math resource teacher in LCPS before beginning her family in January 2008. She and her husband, Evan, have four children and live in Leesburg.  Laura has been a stay-at-home mom for fourteen years and has homeschooled off and on since 2016. During the last fourteen years, she has led moms' ministries, prayer ministries, and meal ministries in her local church. She also organized two If: Local conferences at churches and facilitated Bible studies in her home. She and her family most recently moved back from California after living in the San Francisco bay area for three years. This will be her first year stepping back into a classroom to teach. Laura is passionate about having less screen time and more time spent learning and doing things in a kinesthetic and tactile way. She is excited about another year at CHRSM and looking forward to teaching hands-on science and art to second and third graders this year.

Mrs. Nora Bucy

Early Elementary Five in a Row, ages 7/8

Nora Bucy is a homeschooling mother of four. She has been homeschooling since her eldest, who is now a college graduate and moved out, was in 5th grade. She taught kindergarten and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd at her old co-op Ave Maria Academy in Catonsville, MD before moving to Berryville last year. Her family are parishioners at St. Francis de Sales.  She is very excited to have found CHRSM and looks forward to her family's second year there.

Mrs. Lina Cahan

High School Math Classes

Lina Cahan received her BS in Mathematics with a minor in secondary education from James Madison University. She taught in Fairfax County Public Schools before beginning her family. She and her husband David were blessed with 5 children and have been members of St Francis de Sales since 1988.  Shortly after her last child was born, about 17 years ago, she resumed her teaching career with private tutoring, homeschool classes and SAT Prep. She loves the dynamics of teaching a class of math students, mixing humor and personal anecdotes with what can be difficult material for some students, and is energized by these young people.  

She enjoys time with her 5 grandchildren, baking, taking walks and local hikes, exploring Scriptures, and getting together with her 7 siblings who all live nearby.

Mrs. Caroline Ceigersmidt

Early Elementary Five in a Row, ages 5/6

Caroline graduated Summa Cum Laude from Towson University in 1999 with a double major in Mass Communication and Communication Studies and a minor in Business Administration. After working in live television production full-time, she now works part-time as an Audio Engineer for live sports and other television productions. She has been homeschooling her children for 5 years, since her oldest started Kindergarten. Caroline taught the preschool class at another local co-op for one year and enjoyed the time spent with the children and coming up with creative projects for them to do that also challenged them to think about and learn the material presented. She is looking forward to presenting the Five in a Row curriculum and encouraging children to learn using classic stories as a jumping off point.

Mr. Bret Ewin

Bret Ewin has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and over the past twenty five years has gained an extensive amount of experience in a variety of software systems, in both the public and private sectors. 

Bret has a passion for “STEM” and feels called to serve and prepare Christians—both students and parents—to be technically relevant in the professional world. Our country has a heritage of Christian innovators, and he hopes to encourage and equip our homeschoolers to follow in those footsteps. 

Bret is a father to six and lives in rural Loudoun with his awesome wife, Karen, their three youngest kids, and an ever-changing host of animals. In his free time, you can find him working on some project or another, mostly having to do with electronics and fabrication, which, as it turns out, both overlap with software in many unexpected ways.

Mrs. Laura Fries

Economics, Personal Finance

Laura Fries holds a B.A. in Economics from Washington & Lee University and an Ed.M in Education from Harvard University. She has taught middle school math, middle school science, algebra, and economics courses in Catholic and independent schools. She enjoys spending time with her husband and young children, extended family, sports, and anything outdoors. She is a parishioner at St. Francis, a northern Virginia native and resides in Purcellville. 

Mr. Daniel Gilmore


Daniel Gilmore was born and raised in Loudoun County and loves the community, the people, and the beauty it has. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Daniel owns Lion's Den Fitness, LLC and has been running PE classes for kids in the local area and doing private training groups around Loudoun and Frederick as well. He has also volunteered as a coach for a Christian youth basketball organization called Upwards Sports for two years.

He was homeschooled for several years and his little brother is homeschooled now, so he has a knowledge of, and a great appreciation for, the benefits of homeschooling. In high school Daniel realized his love and inclination for exercise and has decided to pursue it as a lifestyle and career, excitedly aware that it can also be used to reach other people in a positive way. 

Daniel is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of the benefits and blessings that God gives us through exercise with the great kids at CHRSM!

Mrs. Nan Gingras

7th Grade Confirmation

Mrs. Elisabeth Grys

Kingdom Kids

Elisabeth Grys attended University of Buffalo and attained dual diplomas in Government and History.  After college, she taught four years of preschool at the Jewish Community Center.  This taught her many of the customs which Jesus grew up practicing, which helped her dive deeper into the Catholic Faith.  When Elizabeth moved to Virgina, she continued teaching preschool for another 3 years.

Elizabeth is a parishioner of St. Francis de Sales and has three children who attend CHRSM.  She has been homeschooling for 3 years and is excited to be teaching Kingdom Kids!

Mrs. Tonianne Hall

MS Civics & Economics, EE Social Studies, ME Ancient Civilizations, UE Geography, ME Literature

Tonianne Hall is an early childhood educator who is passionate about teaching, baking, history, biking, traveling, and spending time with her family.  She received her B.A. in early childhood education with a minor in history from Stonehill College.  Tonianne taught kindergarten in Fairfax County for six years before leaving to stay home with her children, Cameron (11) and Haley (8), whom she is currently homeschooling.  She has also been teaching history, math, science, and stem classes over the past two years for local homeschool co-ops.  Tonianne is so excited to join the CHRSM community!!!

Mrs. Diane Harvey

U.S. History, American Government

Diane Harvey is a former Assistant Professor of Government at George Mason University.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science in 1993 and earned her doctorate in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland in 1998, specializing in American Government and Political Behavior.  While completing her doctorate, she taught numerous undergraduate classes for the University of Maryland and was a recipient of their Excellence in Teaching Award. Upon completion of her doctorate, she served as assistant professor and internship director in the political science department at George Mason University.  She took an "early retirement" from academia to homeschool her children, but she has returned to the classroom in recent years to teach courses in government, history, and literature to local high school students. She has been an active member of the Catholic homeschooling community in Loudoun County for the past 15 years. She is a parishioner at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church and lives in Potomac Falls with her husband, four children, and one incredibly goofy dog.

Mrs. Jaclyn Jenkins


Jaclyn Jenkins is a native to Western Loudoun, married her high school sweetheart from Loudoun Valley, and now raises her 4 children on One Day Farm in Hamilton. She earned two bachelor degrees from College of Charleston, SC, Business Management & Hospitality Management. After working for Great Country Farms for a few years, she developed a passion for farming and opened a nature preschool program at her home called Farm School. After 5 years of teaching preschoolers about farm animals, growing fruits and vegetables, and getting them ready for kindergarten, she has expanded that program to amazing homesteading classes for her older children. She wanted them to know where their food comes from and now grinds her own flour to make breads and pastas, uses raw milk to make yogurt, cheese, and ice cream, and even teaches them how to process meat. She is excited to share her knowledge with others so that they can learn to respect and eat healthy foods and hopes they will One Day have their own farm. 

Mrs. Nancy Juday


Nancy Juday, mother of five, has been homeschooling for 19 years. She spent 11 years working on Capitol Hill as a legislative advisor to various members of Congress prior to raising her family. Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a Master of Science degree in Taxation. This will be her fourth-year teaching Latin for the Upper School at Classical Cottage School (CCS), her second teaching Latin CHRSM. She has also taught Latin at Sacred Heart Academy and has tutored many Latin students. Nancy has attended nearly 30 Latin classes over the years, working through the course material alongside her children, and has spent many years as a substitute teacher for Latin classes.

Mrs. Marcia Malloy

Upper Elementary Art, Art 1, Art 2

Marcia Malloy is an art educator with 28 years teaching experience. Her degree is a BA of Architecture from Va Tech. After a few years pursuing that field, she discovered the joy of teaching students to draw and seeing them grow in their artistic pursuits. Classes at Rhode Island School of Design, Nova, and the Torpedo Factory gave her the skills she needed to accomplish those goals. 

Since 1988, she has taught art to elementary and middle school students at Christian Assembly Academy, Dominion Christian School, and for 17 years at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax. During that time she also taught homeschool and private classes as well.  Moving to Leesburg in 2007, she taught summer camps at Art Square. Retiring from Trinity in 2014, she has taught at Right At Home and has opened a studio in her home in Leesburg, as well as teaching at Assisi Bridge Coop for 4 years.

Mrs. Malloy lives in Leesburg with her daughter, son in law and three grandsons and attends Free Life Church. She has 5 daughters, 4 sons in law, 15 grandchildren, 3 chickens, and a dog.

Mrs. Kimberly Millhouse

Intermediate Writing & Rhetoric I & II

Kimberly Millhouse graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1991 from Auburn University with a BA in Public Relations/Speech Communications with a minor in Journalism. After graduating from college, she married and worked for several years in Public Relations for The National Day of Prayer Task Force at Focus on the Family.  She is a mother of 5 and has been continuously homeschooling her children for the past 22 years. For 6 years she directed the Vector Speech and Debate club in Purcellville, served as the Head Speech Coach, and coached numerous students to top-tier national titles in competitive speech. In addition she has taught high school literature, art history, and world history in various co-op settings. She believes that every Christian student should be equipped to share the truth of the Word of God and the reason for their faith in a winsome yet humble way; and in order to be effective communicators to address the culture of our day, students must learn to first think well and then write well.

She lives in Purcellville with her husband of 30 years and their two youngest children who are still at home. Her 5 children range in ages from 26-9, and she has 3 lovely daughters-in-law too. Knowing Jesus as her Savior is the most important aspect of her life, and her family has been part of the Cornerstone Chapel church community for many years. She LOVES living in rural Loudoun, which allows her to breed Collie puppies and have LOTS of animals-- 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bunny, and 13 chickens! 

Mrs. Rebecca Redman

Upper Elementary General Science, Middle School Life Science, Middle School Geography, High School Physics

Becky received a B.S. in Political Science from West Virginia University before moving to the Washington, D.C. area and becoming gainfully employed by a well-known political analyst.  Her first “gig” lasted a few short years before her true love of science won out and she returned to the University of Maryland, obtaining a Doctorate of Pharmacy. She enjoyed a variety of experiences in the field of pharmacy, including teaching at schools of pharmacy and working at the Food and Drug Administration, before her “retirement” in 2010 to homeschool her growing family.  She has taught a wide variety of homeschool classes, focusing primarily on science but also on history and geography.

Becky and her husband, Red, are long-time members of Purcellville Baptist Church and active in ministry. Their favorite pastime is time with their four kids as well as with extended family and friends.

Mrs. Lemar Rolon

High School Spanish I & II

Lemar Rolon has a B.A. degree in Business Administration. She worked in a non-profit organization for a few years, but in 2008 her husband and she began a school at their church in Puerto Rico, where she worked as a teacher and school director. During these years she taught almost all subjects from Kindergarten through 9th grade. After ten years of service, her family moved to Virginia in June of 2018 because her husband Alexis, who has been a pastor for almost 20 years, was asked to come and serve in a Hispanic church with three sites: Manassas, Arlington, and Franconia. Along with this big change, Lemar and her husband also decided to homeschool their 2 kids. For the past two years she's also been teaching Spanish 1 and 2 in other co-ops. Lemar loves cooking, baking, and spending time with her family. She works with the women’s and worship ministries at her church and also runs her own business with Rodan and Fields, a prestigious skin-care company.

Mrs. Angela Stock

Middle School Spanish I & II

My name is Angela Stock, and I am excited to be the middle school Spanish teacher! I am mom to 2 amazing kids, and have enjoyed homeschooling for the past 8 years. In life before mom, I was an Occupational Therapist working with adults in Florida and California. I studied multiple years of Spanish in high school and college, but didn't fall in love with the language until I began conversing with many Spanish-speaking patients and staff, and saw how wonderful it was to open doors of communication. We are long time members at Leesburg Community Church, and thrilled to be part of God's family with you!

Mrs. Diane Taylor

Middle School Math Skills, Pre-Algebra, Algebra

Diane Taylor comes to us after years of teaching grades 3-8 in the public schools.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in early and middle childhood education from Radford University, a Masters degree in curriculum and development from George Mason University, and a mathematics specialist endorsement from University of Virginia.  She has a love for teaching mathematics! 

She became a St Francis de Sales parishioner in 1974 when her parents moved the family to Lincoln from Washington state.  She remembers having religious education classes at the Loudoun Valley Community Center and her 1st Communion reception at the Purcellville Library (a short walk from the church on Main Street). 

Diane and her husband Ray live on the mountain in Bluemont and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family. 

Mrs. Jill Thompson

Adventures in Literature, Write Now!

Jill Thompson received her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. For seven years she taught in Virginia public schools in Arlington and Loudoun counties. Jill has been homeschooling for the past 13 years. Over that time she has taught numerous classes for children and adults with a focus on the humanities. Jill is honored to join the faculty at CHRSM this year, and looks forward to the privilege of working with your children.

Mrs. Caroline Vale

High School Art History, CHRSM yearbook, Western Civilizations I

Caroline Vale is a graduate of Wellesley College with a double major in Classical History and Religion. She has been a member at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church since moving to Lovettsville eight years ago. She has been homeschooling for 15 years and has taught various classes over the years including elementary and middle school science, kindergarten, a spelling bee class, and CCD at her former parish.  She has taught the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) at the Joyful Child Atrium in Purcellville for the past eight years.  She is trained in CGS levels 1 , 2, 3, and Toddler level. She lives on a farm in Lovettsville with her husband and eight children. She just celebrated her 25th Wedding Anniversary. She has too many chickens and ducks and goats to count, occasionally some pigs and two cats “Mama Cat” and her son “Henry”. She loves to learn new things, and over this past year has taught herself how to butcher a pig, milk a goat and then use the goat's milk to make soap, cheeses and yogurt. She is a lover of history and art, nature, and crafts. She started teaching science to help her former homeschool co-op offer more hands-on science so that struggling readers would have more class options.  She has children with dyslexia, epilepsy, and muscular dystrophy, and knows it is important to use strategies to help all children learn.


Mrs. Angela Wade

Early Elememtary Art, Drama (7th-12th)
Angela is a follower of Jesus and strives to grow daily in His grace.

She believes that each person has a God-gifting and relishes moments she can witness them exercising those gifts to God’s glory.

She and her husband, Rob, have six lovely people ages 10-26 (and one son in law!) who call them Mom & Dad and **insert fanfare** a grandson on the way. (What he will call them is yet to be determined.) Her children each have a good dose of creative and engineering, leading to interests and careers in art, film, music, and theater (both on-stage and technical.)

Although she began adulthood studying to be an opera singer, Angela relished home making as her family grew. Through the years she has also worked as a choir director, worship leader, vocal coach, performed in various productions, created and led drama camps, led creative teams for school productions, and taught elementary classes in videography and art.

Angela created a commercial branding photography and videography business in order to build up the body of Christ by serving believers who are working within the unique gifting and sphere of influence God has given them.

Mrs. Wendy Webb

Middle School English, High School Literature

Wendy Webb graduated Magna Cum Laude from BIOLA with a B.S. in Christian Education, a minor in Bible, and a specialty in Curriculum Writing.  She has successfully launched her three children into adulthood after homeschooling for 17 years.  Wendy has put her degree to good use writing curriculum and teaching the elementary aged worship hour at her church for 18 years.  While homeschooling, she organized and taught Lively Literature, a precursor to her work with RAH teaching Literature to middle and high school homeschooling students.  After 18 years with RAH, she is looking forward to joining the CHRSM family.  In secular circles, Wendy has tutored students for the writing portion of the SAT.  She is currently in her 19th year as a substitute teacher for LCPS, teaching all subjects at the middle and high school levels.  

Mrs. Gabrielle Whalen

High School Biology

Gabrielle Whalen graduated with a B.S. from the College of Mount St. Vincent in Riverdale N.Y. and an M.S. from The State University of New York at Stony Brook, N.Y. In her 28 years as a nurse, she has worked as a Nurse Practitioner, flight nurse, and has spent the last several years working part time in the Emergency Room at Children’s National Trauma Center in Washington D.C. Gabrielle lives with her husband and 10 children in Berryville, VA. We are happy to welcome her to CHRSM this year!