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Welcome to the Murfreesboro Homeschoolers Cooperative & Tutorial membership application.

Murfreesboro Homeschoolers requires payment of the membership and drop off fees listed below once your application is approved.

Class fees are due by January 21st 2019.


Fees for Spring Semester 2019 (January 28th - May 20th):


  • Family Membership Fee: $50 for New Families in Spring 2019 (Pay on Spring 2019 Fees page once you can login)
  • Boys & Girls Club Fee: $40 Per Child 5 years & Older (Pay on Spring 2019 Fees page once you can login)
  • Drop Off Fee: $50 Per Child 10 years & Older (Pay on Spring 2019 Fees page once you can login)
  • Background Check Fee: $32 Per Adult On-Site. Paid directly to IdentoGO. (Instructions on FAQ Page)
  • Class Fees: Per Child / Per Class on Class Registration (View a list of Class fees for Spring 2019 HERE)

Required Forms:

  • Release of Claims
  • Field Trip Liability Release
  • Boys & Girls Club Form (Children 5 years & Older)
  • Background Check Waiver (only required if you are on site or get a background check)


  • Every family is required to volunteer a minimum of 1 hour per day on site.
  • Some TA positions are available to sign up for on the class registration.
  • Drop off parents pay an additional fee and are not required to do volunteer hours.

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