Arlington Association of Home Educators (AAHE)


Homeschool Support
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children and to protect family freedoms. We provide homeschooling-related legal advice and representation to our over 80,000 member families, promote homeschool-friendly legislation at the state and federal levels, and offer information and resources to encourage and support all homeschoolers.
Texas Home School Coalition Association (THSC)
Texas Home School Coalition is the authority in Texas on home schooling. Our coalition of three organizations positively impacts the lives of more than 100,000 home schooling families in Texas.

Since 1986, we’ve been working to secure and maintain the liberties of Texas families through advocacy and service, as well as influencing the political processes that determine law and policy relative to home schooling families and parental rights in Texas.

Our staff and volunteer network of more than 100 Texans with home schooling experience is what makes us the experts in all aspects of home schooling in Texas. And we’re here to serve you!

Our Board of Directors, publications, and values are distinctively Christian, while THSC serves all home schoolers in the state of Texas, regardless of ethnicity, religion or creed.
Condo Homeschooling Guide
Informational article with links for homeschooling support recommended by a homeschool student!
Texans for Homeschool Freedom
Texans for Homeschool Freedom is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending parental rights and supporting those who choose to take control of their children’s education in the manner and setting that is best suited to their family, free of any government interference or support.
Texas Homeschool Support
Texas Homeschool Support was created to be an all inclusive homeschool support group for this State. It's aim is to support homeschoolers no matter what their teaching styles and methods.
Texas Homeschool for College Credit
Texas Homeschooling for College Credit is a great resource for homeschoolers considering dual credit in the state of Texas.
Meetup Groups
HEB Area Teen Homeschool Families
Parents who homeschool/unschool their teenagers in the DFW local area are welcome to join our meetups. Younger siblings are welcome, but they will need to be supervised closely by the parent or guardian to ensure that the teens have their space. We ask that parents attend the meetup with their teen children ages late eleven/ twelve or (sixth grade age, not just grade level work) to senior in high school. We will do activities that foster self-esteem, leadership, and lasting friendships.

We are also a group for family support. We want to support your homeschool/unschool journey!
Homeschool Families of Greater Fort Worth
We are a laid-back, come as you are group of homeschooling families with kids of all ages who gather for events in Fort Worth and the surrounding cities. Our group is very active and meets regularly so that our children can build strong friendships. Our families are diverse and consist of varying ethnicities, religions, abilities, and homeschooling styles. Our group provides homeschooling families with social interactions so that kids and adults alike can connect and support one another.
Mansfield Area Texas Christian Homeschoolers (MATCH)
We are a group of like-minded families, from all sorts of Jesus-following, Christian backgrounds. This meetup is a place for moms to gather and enjoy some much needed adult conversation while letting the kids play together, and gives us a place we can interact and build friendships, for us and our kids!
Mid Cities Homeschool Group
We are a secular homeschool group dedicated to providing friends, fun, field trips, and social gatherings. During the school year we offer two meetups a week - an academic opportunity on Wednesday (such as computer coding classes, book club, museums, or tours) and a social activity on Friday (park days, skating, NERF battles, play days). We meet throughout the DFW area.
Social Facebook Groups
Fort Worth Homeschoolers
Fort Worth Homeschoolers are the field trip group associated with Fort Worth Homeschool Community.
Homeschool Friends of North Texas
Homeschool Friends of North Texas is an informal and eclectic homeschool FB group. Here we can keep in touch, share info, and plan activities. There's no pressure here, the key is that we're respectful to each other. So lurk all you want, post what you care to post, or jump in and invite us to your local park or even to afternoon coffee. We started out pretty small and have grown! The group is set so anyone can add (then admins approve) new members, so feel free to invite friends.
North Texas Homeschooling Families
North Texas Homeschooling Families began as a Meetup Group in 2011 and has evolved into this Facebook group for families homeschooling their children in the North Texas / Dallas Fort Worth area.

They aim to share ideas and resources....Plan events and help each other out. It's also meant to offer support and encouragement for homeschoolers in our area.
Rhythms of Grace Homeschool Chat
This is a homeschool chat group open to homeschooling families in the D/FW Texas area.
Teens 'R Us Fort Worth Area Teen Homeschool Social Group
Teens 'R Us is a laid back group of accepting teens and parents. What to bring? Yourself. Dress code: whatever you want to wear. Activity: if you don't want to, that's ok! Hang out and have some fun anyway! No roll taken, no judgements from the crowds.. just a fun, easy going, chill place to be with other like-minded teens.