Knowledge and Wisdom Christian Homeschool Cooperative Classes for High School-Preschool Fellowship: Book Studies, Bible Studies, Praise Band, and More College Preparation, Life-Skills, & Trade Preparation Parents Lead, Families Teach Explore God's creation through STEM classes
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Class Schedule & Descriptions

Fall 2018

10-10:50p 11-12:00pm 12-1:20p 1:30-2:20p 2:30-3:20p 3:30-4:50p 5-5:50p
Tuesday Class
Geometry and Logic - TTh 10-11:30am
Anthony Hengst
Thursday - Classroom 1
Geometry and Logic - TTh 10-11:30am
7th - 12th
Anthony Hengst
  Fun with Phonics - 12:30pm-1:30pm
Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd
Monica Calello
Healthy Bodies
Cory Emmons
  Arts & Crafts
Michele McManus
Thursday - Classroom 2
Biology for Kids
1st - 4th ; 6 y/o - 10 y/o
Elissa Hengst
Strengths Finder
9th - 12th
Matt Foster
Apologia Physical Science & Lab 12 noon - 2:15pm
Anthony Hengst
  Algebra I
Anthony Hengst
Electric Circuits / Pre-Engineering Thurs 3:30p-5pm
6th - 12th
Timothy Hengst
A History: World War II Without Battles
6th - 12th
Michael Barry
Thursday - Sanctuary
      Bible Quizzing
Bob McManus
    Praise & Worship Band (Sanctuary)
7th ; 13 y/o
John Cockman
Thursday - Discussion Rm
  Bible 4 Kids
Cory Emmons, Michele McManus
Business, Entrepreneurship, and Money! 12 to 1:30pm
Cory Emmons
  Young Ladies Literature and Tea 2:30-3:30pm (Discussion Room)
12 y/o - 18 y/o
Molly Barry
Thursday - Kitchen
Culinary Arts (Kitchen) 10a-11:30am
8 y/o - Adult 20+ y/o
Monica Calello
Thursday - Prayer Room
          Algebra II
Anthony Hengst

Variably-Scheduled Classes

12-1:20p 2:30-3:20p
Private Piano (Ava) 1-1:30p
Elissa Hengst
Private Piano (Glory) 2:30-3:15p
Elissa Hengst