Knowledge and Wisdom Christian Homeschool Cooperative Classes for High School-Preschool Fellowship: Book Studies, Bible Studies, Praise Band, and More College Preparation, Life-Skills, & Trade Preparation Parents Lead, Families Teach Explore God's creation through STEM classes

About Us

Welcome to the Knowledge and Wisdom Christian Homeschool Cooperative (KWHC)!

The goal of KWHC is to form a centrally-located, Christ-honoring, multi-age, a la carte, affordable homeschool cooperative in the Boone, NC High Country that:

• Allows a central location for all-aged children to gain instruction in core classes (math, science, history, etc.)

• Capitalizes on the depth and breadth of talent among homeschooling parents to offer instruction in real-life skills such as automotive repair, construction, Biblical finance, computer programming, entrepreneurship, etc.

• Gives a forum for building community among Christian homeschooled students through shared classes, involvement in student clubs, service projects, worship band, Bible study, etc.

• Gives a forum for parents to exchange parenting and schooling advice in a supportive environment that fosters community and friendships

• Facilitates gaining college credentials for high school-aged students by offering SAT/ACT prep classes, CLEP and AP level instruction, and by linking CCC&TI homeschooled students through an online “Caldwell Connection” (see hyperlink in Links)

• Prepares for and coordinates group end-of-year standardized testing (i.e., ITBS, WJ-III, etc.)

• Connects driven young adults with professionals in their field of interest to facilitate mentoring/apprenticeship opportunities

• Engages and hires homeschooling parents and recent homeschool graduates as instructors

• Is affordable (barter-based/class-for-class reciprocity, and/or low-cost $5-$10/class)

Since we are a homeschool cooperative we require that all families volunteer throughout the school year. 

For more information about KWHC, please contact our KWHC Director (

We invite you to join us!