The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding (Proverbs 9:10) Classes for High School-Preschool Fellowship: Book Studies, Bible Studies, Praise Band, and More College Preparation, Life-Skills, & Trade Preparation STEM Classes Led by Highly Qualified Teachers Parent-Directed Academic Supplementation

About Us

Welcome to the Knowledge and Wisdom Christian Homeschool Cooperative (KWHC)!

The goal of KWHC is to form a centrally-located, Christ-honoring, multi-age, a la carte, affordable homeschool cooperative in the Boone, NC High Country that:

• Allows a central location for all-aged children to gain instruction in core classes (math, science, history, etc.)

• Capitalizes on the depth and breadth of talent among homeschooling parents to offer instruction in real-life skills such as automotive repair, construction, Biblical finance, computer programming, entrepreneurship, etc.

• Gives a forum for building community among Christian homeschooled students through shared classes, involvement in student clubs, service projects, worship band, Bible study, etc.

• Gives a forum for parents to exchange parenting and schooling advice in a supportive environment that fosters community and friendships

• Facilitates gaining college credentials for high school-aged students by offering SAT/ACT prep classes, CLEP and AP level instruction, and by linking CCC&TI homeschooled students through an online “Caldwell Connection” (see hyperlink in Links)

• Prepares for and coordinates group end-of-year standardized testing (i.e., ITBS, WJ-III, etc.)

• Connects driven young adults with professionals in their field of interest to facilitate mentoring/apprenticeship opportunities

• Engages and hires homeschooling parents and recent homeschool graduates as instructors

• Is affordable (barter-based/class-for-class reciprocity, and/or low-cost $5-$10/class)

Since we are a homeschool cooperative we require that all families volunteer throughout the school year. 

For more information about KWHC, please contact our KWHC Director (

We invite you to join us!