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Knowledge & Wisdom Christian Homeschool Cooperative (KWHC)


The Knowledge & Wisdom Christian Homeschool Cooperative (“KWHC”) is a Christian co-op open to all students in pre-K-12th grade.

This handbook is for all students, parents, teachers and designees* to read and follow, as acknowledged by signing the agreements below.

[ *A “designee” is a student with a current driver’s license or another KWHC registered parent who is assigned by a parent to act on their behalf.  Parent’s take direct responsibility for the behavior and adherence to these Guidelines of their Designee(s). Each Designee must be listed on the Family Information Form below.]



We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, and that it is the final and supreme authority of all truth. We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ, by offering Himself on the cross, atoned for man’s sin, and that we may now enter into the family of God on the basis of His shed blood. We believe in the bodily resurrection and imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe that all who receive, by faith, the Lord Jesus Christ are born of the Holy Spirit and thereby become children of God.

With the aid of the Holy Spirit I and my family seek to align our conduct with Galatians 5:16-26 as followers of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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I agree to this Statement of Faith


1. Be a member of HCCHS.  

2. Pay a one-time per semester non-refundable facility fee of $10 per child to Crosspoint Church, either with a check or cash, on the first day of classes for your child. ($25 max per family)  If paying by cash, please bring exact change.

3. Pay a one-time per semester non-refundable co-op fee of $10 per family to cover the cost of supplies and the website. Please bring cash on the first day of classes for your child.

4. Attend a mandatory meeting at the beginning of the year or semester as indicated.

5. Serve as the monitor two times during the semester.   Monitors serve from 10:00 am – 1:30 pm or from 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm on Tuesdays to help ensure students are safe, quiet, and well mannered and the facility stays clean and orderly.  Parents/Designees will be given an opportunity to sign up for monitoring during the mandatory meeting at the beginning of the school year or you can sign up electronically at the Monitoring Sign Up link on the left of the KWHC website. A sign up form will also be available at the front desk.  Monitoring duties will be discussed at the meeting and will be listed on the Monitor Duties form at the front desk.  Please note: Once you sign up for a particular monitoring slot during the year, you are responsible for finding your replacement for that slot as needed, even if your family must leave Knowledge and Wisdom classes before the end of the school year. Please notify the Knowledge and Wisdom committee member in charge of supervision if changes occur.

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I agree to pay required fees I agree to signup for monitor sessions as req'd
I agree to attend required meetings


1. Pay your child’s teachers at the first of the month for that month, or according to the schedule otherwise provided by the teacher.  Whether your child shows up for class or not, you are still responsible to pay the teacher for the entire semester, unless class is cancelled by the teacher or because of inclement weather, or unless other arrangements are made between you and the teacher.

2. Please have your child arrive on time for class.

3. Communicate with your child’s teachers as needed, letting them know if your child will be absent.

4. If a student has any special need (food allergies, learning disabilities, behavior issues, etc.) it is the responsibility of the parent to advise each of the student’s teachers and the KWHC Director.

5. Please abide by our sick policy outlined below.



1. Park in the Crosspoint parking lot and use the first floor side entrance facing the playground. This entrance opens to the common area where we will have important information posted and where you can find assistance from the monitor.  Please do not use the main entrance upstairs.

2.  Every student must be signed in and out of co-op by a parent or parent-designee.  Teens who have driven themselves or walked to co-op must sign themselves in and out. All visitors whom you bring must be signed in at the front desk and wear a visitor tag while on campus.

3.  Parents and students should not venture beyond areas designated for Knowledge and Wisdom use.  While on campus, parents and students are welcome to stay in the common area but should keep their voices down if nearby classes are in session. Alternately, parents may stay in the nursery with their babies/toddlers, or on the playground. If a room designated for our use is vacant during a particular class time, please check with the monitor before using that room.   

4. Older children (4th grade and up) may go to their classes independently, but they must be responsible to go to their classes directly and on time.  Younger children should be directed from class to class by parents or their designees, especially when they walk to upstairs rooms. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a student go outside without their parent or designee.

5. Students of any age are not allowed to stay on campus unless they are with you or your designee, or in class under the supervision of a KWHC instructor.

6. Playground and parking lot guidelines:  

  • Please do not allow students to climb the fence surrounding the playground, climb on top of the playground equipment, or climb on the trees around the parking lot
  • Students are not allowed in the parking lot unattended.  There are vehicles coming and going at all times. This is a safety issue for your child
  • If ultimate frisbee or another sport is played, it must occur far enough from the parking lot to ensure that the disc/ball doesn't hit a parked car. Care must also be taken to not hit people or windows.

7. Eating on campus:  Food is allowed in the Common Area or outside at anytime. For the safety of others, no nuts or nut products are allowed on KWHC premises.  Please always remember to fully clean up after yourself and family members. The rule is, “Leave the church in as good of condition or better than you found it.” Cleaning supplies are available for your use if needed.

8. We hope families will keep in mind that in all our actions we are guests at the church.  Please treat the facility with the same respect you would have while visiting at a friend’s house.  So please take dirty diapers with you rather than leaving them in trash cans, and please do not bring pets to campus, etc.  We hope that as representatives of the homeschooling community, we will act in ways that will be a blessing to the church and not present difficulties for them.   


1. Please come prepared for your activity, and be respectful and obedient to your teacher.  Be kind and encouraging to all other students.

2. You must sign in and out of co-op whenever you arrive and leave.

3. Stay with your parent or with someone assigned by your parent (a designee) when you are not in class.  

3. Outside Rules:

  • Do not go outside without a parent/designee or, if you are a designee you must have a "buddy" whenever outside
  • Do not go onto the parking lot except when coming and going from co-op
  • Do not climb on top of the playground equipment or fence
  • Be careful throwing discs or balls--don't hit cars, people, or windows

3. Always stay in areas designated for use by KWHC. Please use the bathrooms on the first floor only.

4. A note about technology: We encourage students to leave all electronic devices at home.  If electronic devices are required for educational purposes (off-line only), please bring earbuds or headphones so as not to disrupt the learning environment for other students. Based on parental discretion cell phones are allowed but must remain on "silent" and in pocketbook/backpack during class and freetime. Under no circumstances may students gather around electronic devices; each device is for the student whose parents allowed him/her to bring it only.

5. Food and drink are allowed in the Common Area or on the playground. For the safety of others NO NUT-PRODUCTS ALLOWED!

6. Please clean up after yourself.

7. Endeavor to walk in the Spirit, as summarized in the Frontier Girls' Creed (Used with Permission):

  • I will be Loving, treating others as I would like to be treated.
  • I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation.
  • I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs.
  • I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles.
  • I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times.
  • I will be Good, pure in all I do, think, and say.
  • I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country.
  • I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I.
  • I will have Self Control, using my time, materials and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own actions.

8. Have fun!   



1. All teachers will encourage and instruct students in ways to promote positive and fun behavior. We will not degrade or embarrass students but encourage them in the Lord to do what is right at all times.

2. Student misconduct: No one at KWHC will use any form of corporal punishment. Discipline for violations will be handled in the following manner:

NOTE: This is not for everyday misunderstandings or everyday class interactions and conversations. This is for constant disruptions and misbehavior only. If a child has constantly misbehaved or interrupted the class, a “pink slip” will be given to the parent. This will have to be signed before the child can return to class.

1. 1st offense - verbal warning to student

2. 2nd offense - verbal warning to parent

3. “Pink Slip”

3. All teaching will reflect a Christian worldview. Disputable matters will be avoided in order to keep the bond of Christian unity and to allow parents to teach their views on these "grey" areas.

4. Parents will be the final authority on any and all matters relating to their child's education



All members of our Knowledge and Wisdom community should be considerate and careful in selecting proper attire for our classes.  We encourage our students to dress modestly and cover all areas that, when left uncovered, might compromise the climate of respect that we encourage in our classes.

Please make sure that young ladies wear skirts and dresses that are no shorter than four fingers above the top of the knee when standing.  For shorts, use the "fingertip rule." Stand with your arms straight down your sides, and place your hands on your thighs. Where your longest finger touches is the shortest length your shorts should be.  Please make sure tops provide appropriate coverage from all vantage points (even when bending over) and please avoid clothes that are too tight-fitting. Spaghetti-strap tops are not allowed; as a rule of thumb, straps should be at least two inches wide.

In general, please make sure all members of your family select clothes that will honor God, not be a distraction during class, and will be respectful to all those in attendance. Students wearing revealing clothes will be asked to return home to change into more appropriate attire.



For the protection of your child and the other children, we request that parents not bring a child who appears to be ill. Upon recommendation of the Committee on Control of Infectious Diseases of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should not be taken from home when any of the following exists:  

A. Fever - currently or within the previous 24 hours

B. Vomiting or diarrhea within the previous 24 hours.  

C. Any symptom of a childhood disease such as scarlet fever, German measles, mumps, chicken pox or whooping cough.  

D. Cold symptoms (continuous cough, discolor of nasal discharge, sore throat).

E. Croup and other respiratory infections.  

F. Any skin conditions: unexplained rash, boils, ringworm and impetigo.

G. Pink eye or other eye infection.



Snow days:  During the 2018-2019 school year, Knowledge and Wisdom will cancel classes whenever school is cancelled based on Watauga County Schools due to inclement weather. However, we will follow the regular KWHC class schedule on days when Watauga County Schools delay classes.



Class days missed due to cancellation will be made up on a class-by class basis according to each teacher’s determinations.



Please pray for all aspects of the Knowledge and Wisdom program as we seek to provide academic and enrichment opportunities for HCCHS students of all ages.  We appreciate your participation and your prayers!


 (2 required)
I agree to adhere to these policies and rules My student(s) agree to adhere to these policies

PLEASE PRINT OUT THE REQUIRED "VITAL FAMILY INFORMATION" FORMS and bring a copy to the first day of class.  These forms will be kept in a binder for emergency reference.  These forms must be on record in the binder before your child or children can participate in KWHC.


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I will complete all required hardcopy forms I will submit all required hardcopy forms