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Registration Paperwork
Registration Checklist, please print and return
Please print and mail to the Wings Registrar
Registration Enrollment Form
Please fill out this and the other 3 pages and mail to our Registrar. Thanks!
3 in 1 statement
Statement of Christian Faith and others
Rules of Respect
Please print and have all children age 5 and up read and sign, as well as parents.
Tuition and Supplies Worksheets
Print the 2 worksheets and fill out completely (only the 1st worksheet if no children age 7-14). Mail to address on the directions page. 2 checks, one to Wings and one to Sandy (see directions). Thanks!
Books and Other Homeschool Supplies
Christian Book Distributors
Discount Christian bookseller
Homeschool Supercenter
Discounted books and curriculum
Library and Education Services
Discounted books
Legacy Homeschool Store, Elk River
Brad and Nancy Bjorkman own and operate this fantastic store filled with almost everything homeschooling families are looking for. Get on the mailing list for info on specials, in-store seminars, etc.
Online Quizzes, Placement Tests
Geography Quiz - Main menu
Tons of simple and quick quizzes for identifying locations on the globe. (political map)
Merriam-Webster "Word Central"
Online dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming words, games
You can use a study quiz already in the database or make up your own virtual flashcards.
Homeschool Help and Support
Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
Answers in Genesis
"Believing it. Defending it. Proclaiming it."
Too many items and links with information to possibly list them all!
Education Liberty Watch - Education for a Free Nation
"Education for a Free Nation" ~ 10+ years of research on public school education. Non-partisan, 501c3 organization. Also covers mental health issues and ADHD/ADD, Autism, etc (Dr Karen Effrem).
WEST: Wings Educational Services for Teens
WEST seeks to provide quality tutor-based classroom instruction, from a Christian perspective, to home-educated students in the 7th through 12th grades within a community setting.
Parental Rights regarding all issues
They monitor the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child, and strive to protect children by empowering parents against this document.
Baby DNA Issue
Info and form to print and fill out, in an effort to remove children from the statewide database of baby DNA. This DNA sample was taken and stored at the time of birth for virtually all Minnesota babies for the past 14 years, without consent.
Home School Legal Defense Association
http://www.hslda.org/hs/state/MN/default.asp is the MN page at the site. Parents can join HSLDA to obtain legal advice and protection for their homeschool.
WallBuilders - Dr David Barton
"Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage."
Research Help Websites
Founding Fathers, Early America
Almost endless information on the Founding Fathers and other information related to the topic, the country, etc
Define a list of words all at once! Enter your word or words, enter and the definitions are displayed
The Christian Worldview, and Book, University of Destruction
Book: University of Destruction (Author David Wheaton). Radio program on AM980. Book explores the reasons why even Christian kids stray from their Christian upbringing when they head to college. Offers good advice and tips.
Creation Science Academy