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class options and fees

Options for 1st through 8th Grade students are as follows (see kindergarten below):

Option 1: Full Day – 1-8th Grade $440/Semester (There is a 5% discount for additional siblings enrolling for the full day.)


Option 2: Half-Day Morning (8:45-12:30) $270/Semester

Grades 1-4 take “B” classes (Art, Music, Geography)

Grades 5 -8 take “A” classes (Communication, Science, Literature)

Lunch and PE are included for all grades


Option 3: Half-Day Afternoon (12:30-3:15) $230/Semester (Lunch and PE are not included in this option.)

Grades 1-4 take “A” classes (Communication, Science, Literature)

Grades 5– 8 take “B” classes (Art, Music, Geography)


Option 4: A La Carte classes – pick and choose individual classes. Only available for classes not already full by August 10. Price is $125 per class/Semester.

8th Grade Science Options:

HSN offers Apologia Physical Science for 8th graders for an additional fee of $150/semester, or 8th graders can take general science with the 7th graders.  The a la carte the price for Apologia Physical Science is $230/Semester.

Kindergarten Only Option:

We offer a self-contained kindergarten classroom.  This class has its own teacher and the students do not change classes/teachers during the day.  During the morning classtime students will explore a variety of subjects including circle time with show and tell, literature with associated activities, phonics, handwriting, and math.  Recess will take the place of PE and students will bring their lunch to enjoy time with classmates.  During the afternoon class time the students will explore the following subjects: story time, science, social studies, and art.  Morning kindergarten is $250 per semester.  Full Day kindergarten is $440 per semester.

A yearly non-refundable registration and supply fee is payable with registration for options 1, 2, 3 and kindergarten. If registering by June 15, the registration fee is $90 for the first child in the family and $65 for each additional child. If registering after June 15, the registration fee is $110 for the first child and $85 for each additional sibling. You will be invoiced for the registration and class fees.