Mrs. Aimee Line To All Instructors


Encouraging the rising generation to confront secular worldviews with Christian discernment, Aimee Line equips her students to impact their culture by mastering the rhetorical arts and engaging with quality literature. Aimee was hooked on teaching before she could ride a bike. Her dolls never did learn to read, but Aimee's early passion for words and education eventually led to a B.A. in English, a teacher's certificate, and memberships to the International English Honors Society, the Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar, and the Christian Pen. Aimee's teaching background includes both public and private schools in the United States and abroad, and her experience in freelance writing and content editing enables her to give students practical guidance along with live modeling of the writing process. Her zeal for words is contagious in the classroom where she believes everyone can write, and everyone can connect with high-quality literature. Currently, Aimee serves alongside her pastor-husband in Hispanic ministry and home schools their three children.

Current Classes
Fundamentals of Writing 2022/23 – Instructor (open)
Life Skills English 2022/23 – Instructor (open)
Middle School Language Arts A 2022/23 – Instructor (open)
Middle School Language Arts B 2022/23 – Instructor (open)
Worldview English 2022/23 – Instructor (open)