Mrs. Aimee Line To All Instructors

Aimee Line is a degreed English teacher, curriculum writer, and thirteen-year homeschool-mom veteran. With over fifteen years of classroom experience in three countries, Mrs. Line has noticed that students everywhere need the same things: to be inspired, to be valued as individual and unique learners, and to be shown relevancy between their assignments and their lives. Above all, Mrs. Line endeavors to teach students to confront secular worldviews and impact the world with Christian discernment.

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Current Classes
Fundamentals of Critical Writing 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Life Skills English 1 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Middle School Language Arts A 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Middle School Language Arts B 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Worldview English: British Literature - 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Fundamentals of Critical Writing 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Life Skills English 2 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Middle School Language Arts - 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Worldview English (Section A) 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Worldview English (Section B) 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)