Mrs. Michelle Estes To All Instructors

Michelle Estes has been homeschooling for academic excellence for the last nine years. She has a BS in Computer Engineering and pursued a programming career for six years before earning a master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida. Michelle holds a Florida teaching certificate and is certified Elementary Ed (K-6), Gifted (K-12), Computer Science (K-12), and Middle School Math (6-8). She taught in the classroom for nine years, then was called by God to begin homeschooling her three sons. Michelle believes passionately that America was founded as a Christian nation, excitedly pursues knowledge about our nation’s history, and loves to share what she has learned. Michelle began signing in college for her church choir and took college coursework in American Sign Language to develop her skills. She continues to praise God by “lifting her hands to the Lord” and looks forward to sharing this beautiful method of communication with others. Michelle loves directing the project-driven STEM engineering curriculum and guiding young thinkers into finding “out of the box”, innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Current Classes
American Sign Language 1 & 2 - 2023/2024 – Instructor (open)
Geography 2023/24 – Instructor (open)
Government/Economics 2023/24 – Instructor (open)
STEM Civil 2023/24 – Instructor (open)
STEM Engineering - Robotics 2023/24 – Instructor (open)