Mrs. Beth Green To All Instructors

Beth Green graduated from the University of Michigan with an accounting degree. She worked as a CPA for five years and then became the Director of Finance for a large school district in Michigan. Once her first son was born she wanted to stay home and be a full-time mom. She and her husband Dan, homeschooled their two boys from pre-school through graduation. Beth taught a variety of classes for eleven years at a local Christian co-op and the last five years at HEED and RISE. With her years of experience teaching SAT Prep, it gives her a unique perspective as she teaches the math classes at RISE. She loves the Lord and teaching, and looks forward to another exciting year.

Current Classes
Algebra 1 - 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Algebra 2 - 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Geometry - 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Pre-Algebra - 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
SAT Prep - 2023/24 – Instructor (closed)
Algebra 1 - 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Algebra 2 - 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Geometry - 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
Pre-Algebra - 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)
SAT Prep - 2024/2025 – Instructor (open)