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Mr. Derek Christenson To All Instructors

Mr. Christenson grew up in Lexington, Kentucky as the eldest child of a large Catholic family that loved sports and the fine arts.  He and his sisters were all "band geeks" and athletes, and he continues to love soccer to this day. Mr. Christenson is an alumnus of Miami University in Oxford, where he majored in both Trumpet Performance and Music History.

Mr. Christenson and his wife, Erica, have homeschooled their four children for the past 11 years.  Their eldest is now in college after having graduated through the Divine Mercy program. They have lived in Milford for 26 years and are parishioners of St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church. 

This is the 9th year Mr. Christenson has taught in a co-op, and the 7th year at Divine Mercy.


Current Classes
Constitutional Law – Instructor (open)
History of Western Civilization III - Modern Times & American Civics – Instructor (open)
Art & Culture Around the World (Year 2) – Instructor (open)
Hands On Art History – Instructor (open)
History of Western Civ II - Medieval History – Instructor (open)
Trumpet – Instructor (closed)