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Mrs. Angela Varisco To All Instructors

Angela Varisco is a wife and mom of five children this side of heaven and has a passion for literature, writing, and music. She graduated summa cum laude from Wesleyan College with a B.A. in both English and vocal performance. She then went on to achieve a Master of Arts from the University of Georgia in English literature with an emphasis in medieval British literature. Before becoming a mother, Mrs. Varisco taught middle school language arts at Immaculate Conception School and college writing at Augusta State University. Upon moving to Denver for her husband’s residency in Pediatrics, she continued her teaching career as a writing instructor with The University of Colorado Colleges Online where she encountered a wide variety of students from dual credit enrollees to single mothers to soldiers on active duty in Afghanistan. She has developed a passion for classical education in the homeschool setting as her children have matured and has studied the educational prose of Dorothy Sayers, Stratford Caldecott, and T.S. Eliot. She has taught choir, writing, literature, and humanities at Lyceum Catholic Community over the past eight years.

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